We all have done New Year’s resolutions, but maybe this year you should consider some New Year’s resolutions for your car to keep it running for many years more.

So while you may resolve in 2013 to be in better shape or to read more, think about resolving to be a better car owner, as well. An article from Winkler Automotive offers five very simple New Year’s resolutions to ensure you keep your car in top shape throughout the coming year.

Schedule two checkups for your car in 2013 – Taking the time to schedule a checkup twice a year may seem obsessive, but preventative maintenance done by a professional is cheap insurance. Stay ahead of the game when it comes to knowing what kind of shape your car is in.

Keep your car clean in 2013 – Excess dirt and grime can act like sand paper, creating unnecessary abrasion that can wear down upholstery and carpeting. Vacuum your car on a regular basis, and wipe down the surfaces with a gentle cleaner.

Check up on your car’s tires and wheels in 2013 – If your tires have worn unevenly or your wheels are unbalanced, vibration can cause excess stress on suspension components. Avoid this by checking to make sure the tread on your tires are wearing evenly.

Keep up with your car’s fluid changes in 2013 – While some fluids like brake fluid, clutch fluid and coolant may not require attention as often as oil, they’re just as important. Change these fluids when your service manual requires it.

Address your car’s minor problems early – Don’t put off minor maintenance or easy repair work because doing so can lead to larger problems and larger repair bills in the end. Parts under the hood don’t last forever, they eventually wear out or fail. An extended warranty from CARCHEX is the perfect way to keep your car on the road for as long as possible.