Quality service contracts prove valuable when unforeseen automobile breakdowns leave drivers with repair bills that tear holes through their budgets. Just as a health insurance provider allows a policy-holder to pay monthly fees in return for coverage against unmanageable hospital bills; auto warranty companies let drivers make small investments that will ensure that they won’t be held responsible for potentially crippling service charges.

Sorting through your options

Since plans vary in all sorts of ways, drivers tend to have difficulty choosing one best-suited to their needs. If you’re intent on protecting yourself from catastrophic repair bills, you need a comprehensive auto warranty; and to find the best deal, you need the ability to compare plans.

Almost no provider agrees to pay for “wear-related” expenses and vehicle maintenance costs; however, a few may also force you to pay for diagnostic tests which are crucial for determining the cause of a problem. How can you determine what auto warranty companies will and won’t pay for? You have two choices: pour over the contractual language of each plan, or rely on the courteous, knowledgeable experts at CARCHEX.

The selection process made easy

Instead of trying to find a comprehensive auto warranty on your own, work with a trustworthy, third-party provider, such as CARCHEX. Fully-accredited by the Better Business Bureau, CARCHEX is a reliable source for affordable plans and a wellspring of valuable information.