In this week’s episode of “Wondering About Warranties”, Pat Goss talks about luxury vehicles. People who choose to buy luxury vehicles pay more so they can enjoy technologically advanced innovations like wireless communication devices, navigation and audio systems, 10-way power adjustable seats, dual-zone climate controls, rain-sensing wipers, and striking wood interior trim. However, just because luxury vehicles are the industry’s highest-quality cars does not mean they do not experience mechanical and design malfunctions. Luxury vehicles, just like non-luxury vehicles are machines, and all machines experience problems, and require upkeep and maintenance work.

Buying a Mercedes-Benz or BMW costs a pretty penny and the repairs for these vehicles are expensive as well. Some people wonder whether it makes sense to buy a used luxury vehicle because as the vehicles age, the repairs become increasingly expensive.

“America’s Trusted Mechanic”, Pat Goss advises that we not be deterred from purchasing previously owned luxury vehicles because we fear costly repairs. With a Mercedes-Benz extended warranty from CARCHEX, owners of used Mercedes-Benz can rest assured that CARCHEX has their back when their vehicles need expensive repairs.

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You have questions. Pat Goss has answer.

I’m thinking about buying a Mercedes, but I’m worried about the cost of a new one. Does it make sense to buy a used Mercedes?

Buying a used Mercedes can be a great way to have a wonderful automobile, but you have to remember that these are machines. No matter whose name is on the trunk, they are all machines and machines wear out and machines break.

Now, when you have an expensive automobile like a Mercedes or a BMW or anything like that the cost to repair them as they age can be very expensive. The best way to protect yourself is with Mercedes-Benz Extended Warranty from CARCHEX