With gas prices constantly on the rise, it always helps to know some tips about how to easily save money at the pump.

Video Transcription:

Practical ways to save gas, number one: maintain proper tire pressure. Adjust it to the label inside the door or the fuel filler door. Number two: get rid of excess weight. Junk in the trunk of the car, well, that cuts down on fuel economy. Also make sure any plastic pieces under the car, the ones on the front especially, that they’re in place and properly attached- that they didn’t get torn off on a bump or in snow or ice because they have a big effect on fuel economy. As far as things under the hood go, most of the things that would effect fuel economy, if they go bad, well they will turn on the check engine light. And remember that air filters, contrary to what you will be told, air filters do not effect fuel economy on a modern car. So don’t put a new air filter in there trying to get better mileage. Last but not least, and this is the one where you can really really save fuel, and that is to let up on your right foot. This business of full throttle accelerations from the traffic light and so on can waste 40% of your fuel.