With all the vehicle extended warranty programs available, finding the right one can be difficult.  The hardest part is actually finding a legitimate one.

All reputable auto warranty providers have several features in common.  One important indicator is a company that has been in business for a while, under the same name.  This means the company is dependable.  The company should also provide a safe, easy way to pay for your policy.  If no secure methods are available, then avoid the company.

Though everyone wants to save on extended car warranty coverage, look for an average priced policy versus the cheapest available.  If a company only offers insanely low prices, their coverage is probably not what they promise.  Always look for providers that allow you to view the full contract before you buy so that you can understand the details upfront.

Any type of strong-arm tactics are a sure sign of possible scams when looking at different vehicle extended warranty programs.  If a company threatens you in any way, they are a scam.  You cannot be forced to buy a warranty unless you want it.  Beware of random sales or daily price changes.  These usually indicate scammers trying to entice people to buy useless warranties.  For reputable vehicle extended warranty programs, price is based solely on your vehicle, mileage, and car’s age.