CARCHEX offers outstanding products and customer service. That is why happy CARCHEX customers can be found all over the United States, even on the islands of Hawaii!

Many people refer to Hawaii as a destination getaway, but few can call it home like Richard Jackson can. Richard appreciates the island’s beautiful, scenic views, but finds true tranquility in his CARCHEX extended auto warranty. It assures Richard that if anything happens to his vehicle he is protected from costly car repairs. Thanks to CARCHEX, Richard can now relax and enjoy the surroundings of a tropical paradise.

To find out what great news Richard was told by a CARCHEX salesman when he called CARCHEX, watch this video!

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Aloha! This is Rick in Honolulu, Hawaii.

The extended warranty gives me peace of mind because the salesman, when he called from CARCHEX he said, “Well if your engine and transmission break down we will replace them for a cost of only $50 to you, even if you have to get a complete new engine and transmission.”

And I appreciate the peace of mind from CARCHEX.