In this week’s episode of the “Stump Pat,” we remain on the hunt for real people eager to help us stump MotorWeek’s “Master Technician” Pat Goss with their automotive questions. Only a TRUE car expert would know the answers to the kind of complicated and detailed questions CARCHEX fans are asking!

CARCHEX found Nick from Baltimore in the Inner Harbor, who seems confident his tricky British auto trivia is over Pat’s head. Is Pat Goss familiar with the mechanics of Land Rover vehicles?

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Hi I’m Nick from Baltimore and I was wondering if you knew what bolt size Land Rover used to use in their motors? It wasn’t metric and it wasn’t standard.

Nick, what Land Rovers and most British cars used to use is the measuring system called Whitworth. I understand that certain late model Land Rovers still may use that in some of their suspension and transfer cases and things like that, some of their old school pieces that they still use, but it was a purely British way of measuring bolts.

There are Whitworth tools. There are Whitworth bolts and nuts. But in reality for the most part, the old Whitworth measuring system is now obsolete.

Well thanks for the answer Pat! Make sure to join us next week when we try to Stump Pat once again.