In this week’s episode of the CARCHEX video series, “Stump Pat” we remain on the hunt for real people with real questions for  MotorWeek’s “Master Technician” Pat Goss. Once again, the CARCHEX team hits the Inner Harbor in Baltimore, Maryland on the hunt.

Here, we meet Will from Maryland. With summer behind us, Will is unsure what type of motor oil to use in the colder months. Is Will’s question too thick for America’s Trusted Mechanic?

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Welcome back CARCHEX fans. This is another segment of Stump Pat. I’m Julia and we are here again in Baltimore Maryland’s sunny Inner Harbor asking people some tough car care questions to try and stump Pat Goss. Come Along!

Is it true that cars require thicker oil in the summer?

Alright, to you Pat. What’s your answer?

Well, do cars require thicker oil in the summer? No they do not. Now, you go back 50 years or maybe 60 years when they didn’t have multi-thickness oils, yes you had to use a thinner oil in the winter than you did in the summer.
But today the oils are multi-viscosity. In other words, they change thickness relative to the temperature so most cars use the same oil year round.