Passing the driving test for the first time and getting a new car is an exciting and thrilling occasion in a teenager’s life. Most of us can remember the freeing feeling we felt when we could finally drive ourselves wherever we wanted. In our 6th episode of “Stump Pat” we meet the youngest of our video participants and newest driver, Diamond Melrose.

After recently getting her drivers license and first car, Diamond wants to do anything she can to keep her vehicle running for as long as possible. Diamond turns to the “Master Technician” Pat Goss for advice.

Welcome back CARCHEX fans. This is another segment of Stump Pat. I’m Julia and we are here again in Baltimore Maryland’s sunny Inner Harbor asking people some tough car care questions to try and stump Pat Goss. Come Along!

My name is Diamond Melrose and I just got my license and I have a new car, and I was wondering, does a car last longer with premium gas or regular gas?

Alright, to you Pat. What’s your answer?

Diamond, using premium gas will NOT make a car that is designed for regular gas last longer. Actually, if anything it might shorten its life a little bit because the big difference between regular and premium: the higher the octane the more slowly the gas burns.

If you take a modern car with a computer that is designed to work with a faster burning speed of 87 octane gas, and you put 93 in it which burns more slowly, you don’t get complete combustion. You get more deposits and deposits shorten engine life.

So use the gas the vehicle manufacturer recommends!

Make sure to join us next week when we try to stump Pat once again.