In this week’s episode of the CARCHEX video series, “Stump Pat” we remain on the hunt for real people with real questions for  MotorWeek’s “Master Technician” Pat Goss.

In our travels we meet Matt from Philadelphia, who can’t seem to get his power windows to work right. Can “America’s Trusted Mechanic” stay grounded and figure out Matt’s mechanical mayhem, or will his window of opportunity close?

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Welcome back CARCHEX fans. This is another segment of Stump Pat. I’m Julia and we are here again in Baltimore Maryland’s sunny Inner Harbor asking people some tough car care questions to try and stump Pat Goss. Come Along!

My name is Matt and I’m from Philadelphia Pennsylvania. My question is: my car window won’t go down. No one can figure out how to fix it. How do I fix it?

Alright, to you Pat. What’s your answer?

Matt I hate to tell you this but this one is a little bit difficult. Reason being is this is pretty basic. You take the door panel off the inside of the door nd you measure voltage at the power window motor. If you have voltage, you check for a good ground on the motor. If you have voltage and a ground, you have a bad window motor. You put a new window motor in it and get on with life.

Well thanks for the answer Pat, and CARCHEX fans, make sure you join us next week when we try to stump Pat Goss once again.