No matter if you have an hour daily commute, or won’t go anywhere without your favorite album, apps can help you save time and score the best deals. Whatever kind of driver you are, here are a few of our must-have car apps:

For the Commuter

Between work and running around town, you spend a lot of time on the road. Waze is great for real time updates on accidents, traffic jams and other hiccups with crowd-sourced information. Accident along your normal route? Waze will automatically reroute you. Late to dinner? Waze will send your friends an ETA. New to the area? Explore restaurants and attractions along the way with Waze’s recommendations.

For the Saver

GasBuddy is your new best friend. This nifty app will help you find the cheapest gas wherever you’re traveling. Found a great deal, or think you were ripped off? GasBuddy offers rewards for submitting your own gas prices. Who couldn’t use $100 of gas rewards?car appsFor the Techie

Instead of monitoring your tire pressure, fuel efficiency, engine lights and braking habits, let Automatic do it for you. Real-time feedback provides updates on all your vehicle’s vitals and how to save money while keeping it healthy.

For the Groupie

You spent all afternoon crafting the best playlist for your weekend road trip. Download Spotify. The free version lets you create playlists and custom radio stations based on your favorite artists or genre.

For the Newbie

Never overpay a mechanic again. New driver? New to the area? Not sure what an idle air bypass kit is? RepairPal is really helpful. This app not only provides free estimates, but also connects you to their certified auto repair shops and dealers. Our favorite feature is their encyclopedia of all the car terms you’ve never heard of. Take it from us: ten minutes on here will save you a pretty penny.

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