Typically, the most reliable cars get all the attention. But there are certain models out there you should be aware of due to their low reliability rating and poor resale value. Plus, if you already own one of these, we offer some coping strategies. Let’s learn more.

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The Dirty Dozen Plus One

Forbes recently published an article naming what they consider are models to avoid for 2016. They based their decisions on ratings, road test performance, resale value, and data from Consumer Reports. Here are the models named as the least desirable and some key weaknesses:

  • Acura RLX – expensive with poor resale value
  • Cadillac ATS – poor initial quality and reliability
  • Chrysler 200 – weak engine and likely to lose nearly 60% of value in 3 years
  • Chevrolet Suburban – hard to maneuver, overpriced, poor reliability
  • Dodge Journey – poor handling, gas guzzler, and poor crash test rating
  • Ford Fiesta – very low reliability rating, poor control design
  • Ford Focus – poor reliability, cramped rear seating
  • Dodge Dart – low fuel economy, over 70% loss in value in 5 years
  • Infiniti Q50 – unrefined powertrain, poor handling and ride
  • Jeep Cherokee – below average initial quality, low reliability rating
  • Jeep Compass – noisy, poor acceleration, uncomfortable
  • Jeep Patriot – sluggish, low crash test score, unreliable
  • Nissan Pathfinder – awkward handling, poor interior finish, low reliability

Is Your Car On The List?

If you notice your car on the list, don’t panic. For starters, vehicles overall are much better designed today than in the past. Safety has greatly improvement in all vehicles over the years, and reliability has improved essentially across all brands. So even though these models don’t get a stellar rating, it doesn’t mean they can’t be driven for years to come.

Buy Or Sell?

If you absolutely can’t tolerate taking your car to the shop, you may consider selling your vehicle. However, due to the lower resale value, you may take a financial loss.

If you keep your car, strict attention to maintenance will help keep it running smoothly. Follow the owner’s manual service schedule to the letter. Also, check periodically for recalls on your model. In some ways recalls are like free upgrades as long as they are fixed in time.

Keep A Close Eye On The Warranty

Original factory warranties will cover many unexpected repairs. But keep a close eye on the warranty expiration in terms of mileage and time. Before as the factory warranty is due to expire, consider purchasing an extended car warranty or an extended vehicle protection plan. These plans pick up where the factory warranty ended so your car or truck remains covered. Extended vehicle protection plans might be the best compromise instead of selling your used vehicle at a steep discount.

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