What do Erik from Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, Brent from Pflugerville, Texas, and Marc from Mount Vernon, New York all have in common?

Their car transmissions broke and they each had $4000-8000.00 in repairs to fix their vehicles. Luckily, they all protected their cars with an auto warranty from CARCHEX. Their repair bills were paid through their CARCHEX policy. Brent saved $4,374.15, Marc saved $5,027.38, and Erik saved a whopping $8,144.00!

As you can see, transmission problems are one of the most costly repairs for your car and that is why it’s important to have your car covered with an extended auto warranty from CARCHEX.

According to America’s Trusted Mechanic Pat Goss, so many car owners drive incorrectly that it causes their transmission to fail. Check out Pat Goss’ video with his car care tips to make sure you get the most life out of your transmission.

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Preserving Your Automatic Transmission
If you want the most life out of your automatic transmission, you’re going to have to learn how to drive in moderation.
Now what that means is, you’re gonna have to stop doing something that so many of you do, and that is at every traffic light start out with your foot on the floor board. Well that builds a lot of heat inside the transmission, and heat shortens the life of the fluid and that also shortens the life of the automatic transmission.
What should you do?
Well drive gently, as if you had an eggshell between your foot and the accelerator pedal and you can double or triple the life expectancy of your transmission.