Angel Hernandez is a real CARCHEX Customer, just like you.  He loves his ride and wanted to protect it, so he got a CARCHEX extended auto warranty. Angel couldn’t have been more pleased with his experience with CARCHEX.

Watch his CARCHEX Video Testimonial to find out why he thinks “CARCHEX ROCKS!”

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Hi my name is Angel. I am from Jacksonville, Florida, and I purchased a extended vehicle protection from CARCHEX for my 2006 Volkswagen GTI.
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Just Like Angel
Okay this is my GTI 2006 Volkswagen. This is my neat little car. What I like about this car is it has a lot of space inside the car, even though, the car looks small outside, but this is my ride I gotta take of this ride. I purchased the car in the year 2006 and my warranty has expired, so.
I purchased from CARCHEX because I heard good reviews online, I was searching for a extended warranty for my car. The best part of working with CARCHEX is they have been very reasonable with their price quote and they are reliable.
I’m having extended vehicle protection from CARCHEX makes me feel more secure.
Yes, I filed my first claim due to my air conditioner breaking down and I used CARCHEX and they responded within 24 hours.
It was easy the process was easy to deal with. I just want to tell people to give it a shot if they no longer have extended warranty on their vehicle.
CARCHEX warranty rocks and it’s the best deal in town!