While shopping for a used car, Joe from Rochester, New York came across a couple of good looking prospects. The two cars were located close to each other, but were about three and a half hours away from his home. Joe did some research online on out of state car buying and found CARCHEX. The sample Vehicle Inspection Reports looked so good, Joe found himself skeptical. “I don’t know if my report will look like THAT,” he thought.

Joe decided that the small cost of the reports versus the hassle of driving three and a half hours was worth the risk, so he went ahead and bought not one, but two Vehicle Inspection Reports. Within a week, Joe received both reports and they were more than what he imagined. Using what he learned from his CARCHEX inspection report, Joe saved time and a lot of money, as he was able to use the details he learned about the cars to get the right car for the right price.

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Hi, I’m Joe from Rochester New York and I recently purchased two CARCHEX vehicle inspection reports from CARCHEX.com

Get Smart like Joe. Inspect before you buy.

When I was car shopping, I narrowed down my search to two vehicles. These vehicles were two minutes from each other but three and a half hours from my house and I thought, how could I check out these cars without driving there? While I was doing other research about buying a car out of state, I came across CARCHEX.com and found out what they had to offer was exactly what I was looking for. Now, I admit I was a bit skeptical when I saw the sample reports, I thought these reports look really good but I doubt my report will look like that. But I figured because I’m not driving three and a half hours, it’s a small fee in comparison to the thousands I was going to spend on the car. This was a risk well worth taking. From the time I placed my order to the time I had my report was less than a week. I was really impressed with how fast the process was. And to my surprise I found that these reports were just as meticulous if not more so than the sample reports I found on the website. Now thanks to CARCHEX.com I was able to take these reports with me to the dealership three and a half hours away and leverage this information in order to get the right car for the right price. Next time I go to buy a car, I will always use CARCHEX.com