In Episode 2 of our “Stump Pat” video series, we continue our quest to stump America’s Trusted Mechanic, Pat Goss with the toughest car care questions from real people we meet. While walking around Baltimore Maryland’s Inner Harbor, our CARCHEX host finds Mark Barker, visiting Maryland all the way from Nashville, Tennessee. The drive from Nashville to Baltimore is quite the road trip, of course Mark had car care questions for Goss!

We think Mark’s southern charm alone would surely be enough to catch any woman off guard, but stumping the car expert, Pat Goss with Mark’s question is a much harder challenge.

Are you curious to know if Pat prevailed and came through with an answer for us like he did last week? If so, watch this week’s episode of “Stump Pat.”

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Stump Pat: Episode 2

Welcome back CARCHEX fans, this is another segment of Stump Pat. I’m Julia and we’re here again in Baltimore, Maryland’s sunny Inner Harbor asking people some tough car care questions to try to stump Pat Goss. So come along!

Hi, my name is Mark Barker and I’m from Nashville, Tennessee. And my question is, when it comes to oil changes, is 3000 miles 3000 miles or is stop and go driving worse on your car than interstate driving?

Alright to you Pat. What’s your answer?

Mark, the old adage of changing oil every three months or 3000 miles for the most part doesn’t apply. The exception is those cars that are only used for very short trip driving. There you should still, three months or every 3000 miles, whichever comes first. But for most drivers, 5000 miles or some are even longer than that. Now the difference between high speed and low speed driving is really pretty basic. If you stop and think about it, driving at slow speeds uses more hours on the engine than driving at high speeds to cover the same distance. So 3000 miles of low speed driving puts the same number of hours of use on the engine as 6000 miles of high speed driving.

Well thanks for the answer Pat, make sure to join us next week when we try to stump Pat once again.