In the old days, your car might have started to run poorly before it completely broke down. Cars were simpler machines back then, but today’s computerized models have changed the world of car repair completely. Modern auto repair costs are rising, and an extended auto warranty might be your only protection against this trend.

Many Computers On Board

These days, most cars have a minimum of 6 or 7 on board computers. Some models can even carry up to 15, according to Pat Goss of Goss’ Garage. If these computers malfunction then your car might simply stop running even if there is no real mechanical malfunction. In the old days, only mechanical failure caused problems, but now technological issues must be accounted for as well. But there are other important reasons why costs are rising.

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Factory Warranty Repair Strategy

When a car is under the original warranty and a problem appears the dealership plugs the car into a computer. The computer then spits out a code – let’s say an oxygen sensor code, for example. The problem, according to Goss, is that this code might be produced due to a problem other than the oxygen sensor. In fact, there are hundreds of possibilities.

The dealership, however, skips the diagnostic steps associated with the code. Instead they just go ahead and replace the oxygen sensor. Why? Because they can take advantage of their large stockpile of parts. If they get lucky, replacing the oxygen sensor works. If not, they can remove the sensor, return it to their stock, and then try another part replacement. In the end, even though they might lose time, they save money on parts.

Life After The Factory Warranty

According to Pat Goss, your problem appears when the original factory warranty expires. This is because aftermarket technicians use the same method of part replacement when your car has a breakdown. The difference is that now, once the part is on your car, you keep it – and pay for it – even if it doesn’t correct the problem completely.

Another complicating factor is that car technician skills have become more demanding. Many techs aren’t schooled in computers thus limiting the diagnostic process even more.

Rising Repair Costs Are All On You

All the costs associated with car repair are rising including parts and labor. Now that cars are more complex, many parts have become quite expensive. Once a car is not covered under warranty anymore, repair costs must all be paid for out of your pocket.

Extended Auto Warranty Protection

An extended vehicle protection plan (commonly referred to as a “warranty” or “extended warranty”) has never been more valuable. Extended auto warranties protect you from the high cost of the parts-replacement method of car repair that we see today. No matter how many parts are replaced, the cost is covered as long as it falls under the warranty’s terms and conditions.

Auto repair costs are likely to continue to rise. Follow Pat Goss’ advice: if your car is not covered by a protection plan, consider getting an extended warranty before you get stuck with a big repair bill.

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