Auto Warranty Articles

In the business, we refer to auto warranties as Extended Vehicle Protection. In this section, you can learn everything you need to know about auto warranties, including the benefits of protection, a warranty comparison, and more.

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Car-To-Car Communication

2021-12-02T21:12:25-05:00Auto Warranty Articles, Research Center|

As automotive technology advances, vehicles are more “aware” of their surroundings than ever before. With cameras, sensors, computers and the help of GPS, today’s cars can even be self-driving. So what’s next? It only makes sense that cars will begin to communicate with each other. Let’s find out more. Cover expensive car technology repairs with [...]

The Least Reliable Cars

2021-12-02T21:16:54-05:00Auto Warranty Articles, Research Center|

Typically, the most reliable cars get all the attention. But there are certain models out there you should be aware of due to their low reliability rating and poor resale value. Plus, if you already own one of these, we offer some coping strategies. Let’s learn more. Pay for unexpected repairs with an extended car [...]

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