An automobile is one of the most important investments you can make. It pays to take good care of your vehicle so that it runs well whenever you need it. Also, if you ever decide to sell your car, you’ll get a better price if it is well maintained. Here are several useful tips on how to make your car last longer.

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Follow The Manual

A vehicle’s owner’s manual gives you specific instructions on care and maintenance. The manual tells you all about when to change the oil and other fluids, as well as when to get routine check ups. Car manufacturers know what’s best for their vehicles, so read the manual carefully and follow its instructions.

Drive Slow

You might not like this advice, but driving slower puts a lot less strain on your car. Gradual acceleration preserves the engine, and braking slowly prolongs the life of the brake pads. Another benefit is that conservative driving saves on gas as well.

Keep It Covered

Keep your car covered in a garage as much as possible. Harsh heat or cold has a negative effect on nearly every component of the car, including the paint, interior, and moving parts. If you don’t have a garage, consider getting a car cover. Look for shade when parking.

Use Synthetic Oil

Synthetic motor oil is more expensive, but it resists extremes in temperature better than conventional oils. Plus, you don’t have to get your oil changed as often with synthetics. Overall engine performance is smoother too which helps keep your car young.

Tire Care

Maintain tire pressure according to the owner’s manual specifications. When the climate changes, tire pressure can change so watch the weather. Tire rotation and proper balancing also improve longevity. The benefits go beyond just longer lasting tires since the suspension, steering, and even the engine can be affected by tire condition and alignment.

Watch Coolant/Antifreeze Levels

Nothing will shorten the life of a car faster than a frozen engine block or a ruptured radiator. Every other time you fill up for gas, take a quick peek at the coolant/antifreeze levels. Make sure to top it off if it’s low. A similar check can be done on power steering, brake, windshield fluid, and oil levels.

Cold Start Care

When starting your car in cold weather, don’t rev the engine. Instead, let the engine heat up gradually while idling. Forcing the engine when cold increases wear on parts that work better when they heat up gradually.

Keep It Clean

A clean car will resist corrosion and rust, especially in winter weather areas. Also, wiper blades last longer if kept dirt free. Even the engine can be washed periodically to avoid corrosive build up. Make sure you ask a qualified mechanic to wash your engine as you don’t want to damage any water sensitive parts.

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