There are special circumstances when an extended auto warranty makes a lot of sense. Warranties help cover unexpected car repair costs. Let’s look at where this kind of coverage really pays off.

City Driving

If you live in the city, your car stops and starts frequently. This is one reason why average city gas mileage is lower than country driving mpg. If your car uses more gas, it is working harder, and this can lead to more frequent mechanical problems. Extended auto warranties can cover city driving breakdown costs. Get a warranty quote today from CARCHEX.

Frequent Or Heavy Car Use

Do you use your car for work? Or are you a commuter? Maybe you take a lot of long road trips or haul a trailer around. Or perhaps you are running constantly between soccer practice and piano lessons. Some people log a lot more miles than the rest of us, and in those cases extended auto warranties are a good idea. Plus, better plans offer you a rental car while repairs are completed to keep you on the road without interruption. So if you can’t afford to be without your vehicle, get protection.

Old Man Winter

Snow, sleet, freezing rain, road salt and cinders: winter places stress on a car in many ways. The cold itself presents an obstacle to starting and proper engine performance. For example, frozen belts can lead to mechanical failure, and a frozen radiator can be an expensive disaster. Now while some winter related damage may not be covered, most repairs are covered by a solid extended vehicle protection plan.

Intense Heat

If you live in Florida, Arizona, or any other place that sees high temperatures, your car is working harder than normal. The air conditioner is on longer, and the engine runs hotter. This places stress on all car parts which can break down faster. Extended warranties can cover you in the event of unexpected breakdown from the heat.

High Altitude

Mountainous and hilly terrain put a big strain on the engine. Steep climbing and descending put strain on the vehicle more than driving on flat roads. Mountain ranges also can add the punishment of inclement weather. All of this translates into more frequent maintenance and repair costs where extended auto protection comes in handy.

Multiple Drivers

Cars are like an old pair of shoes – they mold to fit the user. If your vehicle has many different drivers, this might translate into more breakdowns. Different accelerating and breaking habits can put an extra strain on auto parts, and an auto warranty can cover these expenses.

Every Case Is Different

Consider your vehicle’s situation. Does it face harsh treatment or conditions? If it does, then mechanical failure is likely to occur more frequently. Get protection from an extended auto warranty and have these costs covered.

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