With any important personal asset, you want to make sure you are covered if things go wrong. Your car is one of your biggest assets. So is an extended car warranty worth it? The answer might surprise you.

New Car Extended Warranties

New cars come with a factory warranty. This covers specific mechanical breakdowns during a limited amount of time. Once the warranty expires, all repair costs must be paid for by the car owner. Extended vehicle protection plans can be purchased at any time, even for brand new cars. The reason you might consider extra coverage is because factory plans often do not include things like round-the-clock roadside assistance, towing, and rental car while repairs are being completed.

Also, think about timing. As a car ages, the cost of extended protection goes up. So if you buy earlier, you will pay less for the extended warranty. Get an online new car extended protection quote now.

Used Car Extended Warranties

For used cars with an expired manufacturer warranty, extended vehicle protection picks up where the factory warranty ended. Coverage is similar to factory warranties, and the companies that provide extended protection are often the same companies that provide the original factory warranties.

Used cars are more likely to have frequent and/or costly breakdowns. With extended vehicle protection, you can rest easy knowing that a factory-like warranty is covering your auto asset.

Finally, used car extended warranties can opt for the same benefits as new car plans such as 24/7 roadside assistance and car rental. You can also use the licensed repair facility of your choice – including dealerships or personal mechanics. Get a free used car extended warranty quote now.

Plans Are Transferrable

Another advantage to extended warranties is that they are transferrable for a $40-50 fee. This can improve the chances of selling any car at a higher price.

Risks Of Going Without Coverage

There is no law requiring extended vehicle coverage, but there is a financial risk. An extended warranty is similar to an insurance policy. So if major repairs are needed, you could end up saving thousands of dollars. Also, the cost of many smaller repairs can add up over time. These costs are covered within the terms of your protection plan.

Doesn’t It Take A Lot Of Time?

If you had to go out on your own comparing plans and costs, it could take up a lot of your valuable time. Due to the popularity of extended vehicle protection, companies like CARCHEX have developed extended warranty marketplaces. Various providers compete – driving prices downward – to offer you the best auto protection deals.

Is It Safe?

Unfortunately, there are scam artists out there who try to take advantage of unwary car owners. However, with CARCHEX you know you are dealing with a company that’s been in business for over 14 years and rated as A+ by the BBB.

Bottom Line: Is It Worth It?

The answer really depends on you. Do you protect your home with homeowner’s insurance? Do you protect the asset of your health with health insurance? By the same logic, you might decide a large asset – like your car – deserves protection from risk through an extended vehicle protection plan.

Don’t Put It Off

If you think your car deserves protection, ask for a free online quote today. Or call us toll free at 877-CARCHEX.

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