Car repair is part of vehicle ownership, but for some vehicles the cost to repair can be high. Here CARCHEX presents the average 5 year repair costs for a wide variety of SUVs.  As the leading auto warranty insurer, CARCHEX has collected years of repair warranty claim data on thousands of vehicle makes and models.

Real Cost To Repair Your SUV – CARCHEX Exclusive Data – An infographic by the team at SUV Repair Cost Infographic

Top Of The List

It’s probably no surprise that luxury SUVs, like the Porsche Cayenne, are at the top of the list. Naturally, more expensive brands come with more expensive parts, but overall reliability also comes into play.

In many cases, the cost of an extended warranty can be less than the cost of repair. This means warranties can save you money. You can cover your SUV repair cost with an extended auto warranty from CARCHEX. Get a free quote now.

Specific Repairs Comparison

Now if we dig a little deeper into the data, we can find that a common repair problem for the Porsche Cayenne is premature brake pad and rotor wear. The cost to fix this problem is at least $626 dollars. The same type of repair on a Toyota RAV4 costs $338. These kinds of differences alone can explain why the Toyota’s 5 year repair costs are lower, independent of reliability ratings.

Surprises On The List

One of the surprises on the list is the Subaru Forester which we find mid-pack in repair costs. The Subaru brand is generally respected for its reliability. The brake pad and rotor replacement costs are not that expensive either at $259. Perhaps this model is not as reliable as some might believe.

Another surprise is that we see a lot of homogeneity among several brands, such as Jeep, GMC, Ford, Mazda, Acura, Toyota, and Nissan. Many of these SUV models have very similar repair costs. Regardless of frequency of breakdown, you are likely to spend roughly the same amount on repairs for any of these models. Import brands do not appear to offer that much, or any, advantage in repair costs versus domestic models.

Car Costs Can Be High

No matter which SUV you own, the cost of repairs is significant. Bear in mind that other factors can come into play when your car breaks down, such as a rental vehicle or towing. Extended auto warranties may cover these extra hidden costs as well.

Do The Math

If your vehicle is on this list, then do the calculations. Don’t forget to include the extra benefits of an extended warranty such as 24/7 roadside assistance, trip interruption coverage, and rental car.

Find out if you can save money. Get a free extended auto warranty quote form CARCHEX today.

Specific brake pad and rotor wear costs derived from RepairPal data.