The Volvo brand transmits prestige, safety, and reliability. But sometimes, even a Volvo can break down. Let’s look at some common Volvo XC60 repair problems and their associated costs. The Volvo factory warranty is 4 years/50,000 miles

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Ignition Coil Failure

If your engine runs roughly or has trouble starting, it might be the ignition coil. Other signs could be lack of acceleration power. In some cases, ignition coil failure is due to an oil or coolant leak damaging the coils.

The cost of XC60 ignition coil repair is from $130 – $170, parts and labor.

Engine Misfire

This problem can arise due to a fuel injection malfunction, and usually causes the check engine light to come on. The engine may also hesitate or have shifting problems. In some cases, using low grade gasoline can lead to fuel injection damage.

The total cost of fuel injector replacement is around $325. The original Volvo parts cost around $110.

Leaky AC Compressor

If you see oil or fluid under your Volvo XC60, it could be due to AC compressor leakage. Other signs may be poor cooling capability or loud noises the occur while running the AC. Early diagnosis and repair are essential to prevent damage to other cooling system components.

You might be tempted to simply recharge the AC which costs around $180. However, for a leaking compressor, replacement is your best choice. You’ll pay around $950, of which about $200 goes toward labor.

Gas But No Gas

When the Volvo XC60 fuel pump breaks, it seems as if you’ve run out of gas – even with a full tank. It might be difficult to start the car, or it might not start at all. You may also find the engine runs inconsistently with stalling or low power. Finally, there could be leakage of fluid from a damaged fuel pump.

Fuel filter clogging can cause very similar symptoms, so make sure your mechanic checks for this. The cost of fuel pump replacement ranges from $850 – $950. The parts on this repair cost are approximately $500.

No Charge

A weak electrical system could be due to a worn battery, but it could also be due to an issue with the alternator. A weak alternator causes dim interior lights and headlights. In many cases, starting is a chore and you may need to jump the car to get it started.

If you have these problems, check the battery health first. Your mechanic can also determine if the alternator is charging the battery. if it turns out to be the alternator, it will cost you around $680 – $750 for replacement. Labor costs are around $150.

When your Volvo factory or extended warranty expires, n extended vehicle protection plan can pay for costly repairs. Sign up for a free quote now.

As the leading provider, CARCHEX has collected years of repair claim data on thousands of vehicle makes and models. Specific types of Volvo XC60 repairs highlighted in this article are derived from data provided by RepairPal, a CARCHEX partner. Repair costs derived from both RepairPal, as well as CARCHEX based on actual claim related data.

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