That new car smell – everybody loves it. But is it worth it? The auto industry recalls over 20 million vehicles per year. If you buy used, you might actually gain a big advantage, like sidestepping an inconvenient or dangerous recall. Let’s look at why buying used may sometimes be the best choice.

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Compliance Vs. Innovation

As the auto industry advances technologically, carmakers confront enormous challenges. First of all, consumers know about innovative options and safety features faster than ever. The race to offer new and improved versions has never been more intense.

According to Robert Biskup, national automotive sector forensic leader and Deloitte Advisory director, the auto industry also faces increased enforcement actions in areas like safety defect and reporting investigations, tailpipe emissions, mileage stickers and certifications, and international bribery and corruption.

This tug of war between compliance and innovation can create problems with the vehicles. And some malfunctions might not appear within the first year or two of use.

New Car Risks Vs. Used Car Advantages

The result of developmental and regulatory pressure ultimately ends up affecting the consumer. Some vehicles roll off the assembly line that become an inconvenience instead of an asset. However, it’s impossible to know which ones will be problematic.

Buying used offers some clear advantages. Remember, many car owners like to buy new every 2 or 3 years. That means there are millions of great vehicles out there that have already been “driver tested”. Plus, used cars are always less expensive than buying new.

Online Resource Solutions

The used car buyer benefits greatly from technology as well. The Internet is home to a wide range of car review sites and forums. Car enthusiasts love to share their stories online, and with this information you can quickly determine which cars are prone to mechanical or technical issues.

Avoid Risk

Some defects can even be life threatening, like the Takata airbag. Some of the most popular cars on the road today have had four or five recalls. Now while these might not all be safety issues, consider the time wasted taking your car to the shop four or five times.

Assess Risk

Of course, buying used comes with its own risks. What if the former owner abused the vehicle? Getting a detailed vehicle history report is one way to evaluate your used car buying risk. This report can tell you if the vehicle has sustained serious damage such as from flood or fire.

A pre-purchase auto inspection may also be helpful. You simply send out a qualified inspector to check out the vehicle before you buy. This is much more than just a walk around. A detailed inspection checks many areas the untrained eye might overlook.


In the end, it’s always customer preference. But in this age of rapidly evolving technology, it might pay – in terms of safety, value, and time – to buy vehicles used instead of new.

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