The Kia Soul has plenty of exterior personality, and the inside is built solid too. Soul owners love their cars, but every car can break down on occasion. Let’s look at some Kia Soul breakdowns and their associated costs.

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Won’t Start

Nothing is more frustrating than a car that won’t start. Is it the battery or alternator? If a light was left on, a simple jump start should bring the battery back to life. But, a bad alternator will leave you stranded again and again. Your mechanic can help you figure out the cause.

Replacing a bad Kia Soul alternator, will cost you from $585 – $575, parts and labor. A new battery costs around $160 – $250.

Check Engine Light

This annoying light can appear due to a variety of reasons. If it’s accompanied by a strange exhaust smell, the cause could be the catalytic converter. This problem can also lead to engine power loss or emissions test failure.

Even though it costs around $340 – $710 to replace the Kia Soul catalytic converter, this might not be the end of the story. In many cases, this problem is due to another mechanical issue, so ask your mechanic.

Rough Running

If your Kia Soul engine runs rough or misfires, it might be the ignition coil. Leaking oil or coolants can damage the ignition coil, which may also lead to lack of acceleration power. You’ll probably see the check engine light flashing as well.

Kia Soul ignition coil replacement will run you from $150 – $200.

Tough Turns

When the Soul’s power steering pump goes bad, turning the steering wheel becomes harder, especially at slow speeds. You might also hear strange noises such as a clunking or groaning vibration.

To fix a failed power steering pump, it will cost you around $210 – $290, parts and labor.

AC Problems

If your Kia’s AC makes strange noises when cranked up, it could be due to the AC compressor. If the compressor is the cause, you still may get cold air coming out. But, failure to cool alone could indicate a freon leak. A failed compressor may also leak fluid or oil.

If your Soul’s AC compressor is going bad, replace it promptly before it damages the rest of the system. The cost of replacement is around $850 – $1080. The parts alone cost around $800 – $900.

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As the leading auto warranty provider, CARCHEX has collected years of repair warranty claim data on thousands of vehicle makes and models. Specific types of Kia Soul repairs highlighted in this article are derived from data provided by RepairPal, a CARCHEX partner. Repair costs derived from both RepairPal, as well as CARCHEX based on actual warranty related data.