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Mechanical Breakdown Insurance Vs. Extended Car Warranty Vs. Extended Vehicle Protection Plan

2023-10-30T14:19:23-04:00Auto Warranty Articles, Research Center|

Wondering about mechanical breakdown insurance? How about an extended car warranty? What about an Extended Vehicle Protection Plan? What’s the difference and which is better? In all cases, you get a plan that pays for unexpected breakdowns, but there are important differences to keep in mind. Let’s find out which protection plan makes sense for [...]

Car-To-Car Communication

2023-10-30T15:06:13-04:00Auto Warranty Articles, Research Center|

As automotive technology advances, vehicles are more “aware” of their surroundings than ever before. With cameras, sensors, computers and the help of GPS, today’s cars can even be self-driving. So what’s next? It only makes sense that cars will begin to communicate with each other. Let’s find out more. Cover expensive car technology repairs with [...]

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