When you’re in the process of shipping a car, you have a lot to consider. You may forget to thoroughly look your car over before you hand control over to a shipping company. You should always make sure this is not the case. You need to thoroughly check your vehicle for dents and scratches before having it shipped. If damage occurs during the shipping process, you need to be able to prove it so you can hold the shipping company liable. A good way to do this is by documenting the car’s condition by taking pictures of it. Make sure to take close-ups of all sides of the vehicle, including underneath and under the hood. Have those pictures on hand when your car is delivered to you.

Most shipping companies will also document the condition of the vehicle. The condition will be documented in writing. Read this paperwork carefully before agreeing to it. You should also ask for a copy. Rarely but occasionally, shippers have been known to add damage to the paperwork so they are protected. Be wary of this and don’t overlook forms like this while you are signing other paperwork.