With the Internet so easily accessible, you can order lots of things online. One of these items is a vehicle inspection. Not too long ago, the only way to get a vehicle inspected was by taking it into the shop. With the possibility of purchasing a car over the Internet though, it still needs to be inspected and now there’s an easy way to do that.

If you live thousands of miles away from a car you want to purchase online and want to have an inspector check it out for you, it could take you quite a while to do the research it requires to find an independent mechanic. However, sites like CARCHEX can do this for you. You can schedule and pre-pay for an inspection with a researched and qualified inspector.

After scheduling and paying for an inspection, you will receive an email with a report containing the inspection results within a few days. Usually this kind of service costs about $150. This is well worth the time you’ll save researching a qualified mechanic, as well as the money you’ll save from expensive repairs down the road.