Over half of car and booster seats used for children in the United States are not installed correctly. It’s important that you don’t just assume your child car seat is properly positioned. It’s still possible for a child to be ejected or injured in a car crash because of problems with the car seat. The following list contains helpful advice for installing a car seat:

  • A car seat should be positioned firmly against the seat.
  • A locking clip will come with the car seat. This is to be utilized when you have an over-the-shoulder seat belt.
  • The car seat should not be able to move as far as an inch. Wiggle it to make sure this is the case. If it seems too loose, tighten it.
  • Make sure the car seat you are purchasing meets U.S. safety guidelines before you buy it.
  • Tethers are sold specifically for car seats. These are used when you have a car with a seat belt that is not connected to the door frame. If this is the case in your car, buy a tether and utilize it.
  • Most communities offer free car seat inspections. These are often sponsored by children’s hospitals and advocacy groups. You can also stop by your local firehouse to have one inspected.