This week, CARCHEX answers Jessie’s questions regarding tire pressure in the series Goss’ Car Care Tips for Women.

Jessie from Michigan needs some basic help. In this video Pat explains the essentials of dealing with our tire pressure. Like Jessie, many women have similar questions: How often should I check my tire pressure? What do I use? How do I check tire pressure?

Watch the video below to learn some beneficial tips from Pat. His expertise will get you on your way to understanding your tires, so you can stay safe and in control!

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When Should I Check My Tire Pressure?

Hi Pat, I’m Jessie from Michigan. And my question is how do I check my tire pressure, and how many times should I check my tire pressure, and what do I use to check it?

Goss’ Car Care Tips For Women

Jessie, checking tire pressure is something that should be done at least once every month. Now ideally once a week is better, but never go more than a month without checking your tire pressure.

Now the big thing with checking tire pressure is the car has to be sitting for at least six hours. The reason for that is the tires have to be cold, that is because there’s only a cold speck for tire pressure.

Alright now you go around each tire with your tire pressure gauge and you check the pressure and you compare that to the label on the driver’s door or inside the fuel filler. There is a label there that’s required by federal law that tells you what the cold inflation pressure should be for your tires. And remember don’t let a technician tell you that your tire pressure should be different then what the manufacturer says. Technicians are not tire engineers.