CARCHEX continues answering your questions in the new series Goss’ Car Care Tips for Women. This week Allison from Fairfax, Virginia, asks a question regarding a weird noise her car makes from time to time.

What could it be? Where is it coming from? Could this noise indicate something dangerous? Noises can be serious, so it is important to get them checked out by a technician; however, translating these rattles, squeaks, and rumbles can be hard.

Pat gives us some great tips, so we are prepared when taking these strange noises to the mechanic. Check out his suggestions for Allison in this video below and stay tuned for next week’s Goss’ Car Care Tips for Women video!

What are those strange noises?

Hi Pat, I’m Allison from Fairfax, Virginia. Sometimes I hear strange noises in my car, not all the time, just from time to time. Do you know what they could be?

Goss’ Car Care Tips For Women

Allison I have to tell you, the description of noises drive those of us in the business, those of us who fix cars, they drive us nuts! Now why is that?
While your rattle is my squeak, is somebody else’s rumble, is somebody else’s whatever noise, so nobody describes a singular noise in the same fashion.
So how do you go about this. Well you describe it best you can, but when your telling the technician about it the things that you need to do:
You need to tell them when it happens. Is it relative to temperature. Is it relative to humidity, maybe it goes away when it rains. Does it happen relative to the speed of the car or going around corners or over gentle bumps. High speed, low speed, all of these things.
And if possible try to figure out how you can duplicate it. Then when it’s time to take the car in, well take the technician for a ride, demonstrate the noise and then you know you’re talking about the same thing.

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