While shopping for a SUV for his wife, Thomas Gulisano from North Carolina came across a previously owned BMW X5 that was for sale. He was very pleased with his find because the vehicle was in his price range, in excellent condition, and seemed to be the perfect fit for his wife. To Thomas’s dismay however, the manufacturer’s warranty for the vehicle had expired. This made Thomas hesitant to purchase the vehicle for his wife.

An extended auto warranty from CARCHEX put Thomas’ concerns about the vehicle’s costly repairs to rest, and made it possible for him to purchase the car for his wife. Now, Thomas’s wife enjoys the pleasures of BMW luxury driving and Thomas rests assured that she is happy and protected.

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Well my wife needed a new car. We found this great SUV at a terrific price in great condition, but with only one problem: the manufacturer’s warranty had expired.

Get Protected. Like Thomas. With CARCHEX!

So I checked out extended warranties and found that CARCHEX to me was the best value and the most reliable of all the companies. And I’m glad I did.

Only a few months ago we put in a new alternator and CARCHEX paid 65% of the total amount. And you know, down here in the south they say, “When Mama is not happy no one is happy. ” But when CARCHEX came through she was very happy and that makes me happy.