Researching car warranty information is the first step anyone interested in a car warranty should take.  A properly informed customer finds the perfect warranty for them at the right time.  Two terms everyone should know are wear and tear and seals and gaskets.  These two terms are the cause of most the repairs your car will need over time.  Wear and tear covers parts which eventually wear out over time.  Without this coverage, you must wait until a part actually breaks, causing much more damage, before having your car repaired.  With wear and tear, early signs of stress or damage are eligible to be repaired immediately.

Seals and gaskets protect the fluids in your car.  Most of the highest repair costs are due to failed seals and gaskets.  Should a seal or gasket fail and fluids are leaking from your vehicle, you are covered.  With repairs often costing in the thousands, any good warranty must have this coverage.

Car Warranty Information – Exclusionary or Inclusionary?

Two other important car warranty information terms you should know are exclusionary and inclusionary.  The best car warranty is exclusionary.  These are often called bumper to bumper.  Any parts not specifically listed are covered.  Inclusionary policies are cheaper, but only cover components that are specifically listed in your warranty contract.  These policies should be read carefully to ensure all important components are covered.