Owen and Blair work at CARCHEX by day, and mix music by night.

To get to know the CARCHEX employees better, we interviewed them to see what they do on their free time.

We found out that car purchasing expert, Owen, and vehicle protection specialist, Blair, both have a love for DJing.

Blair- I was a college DJ, DJed in DC, Baltimore. Lots of club- house music. Lots of remixes. Fast-paced dance music. Everyone in college says they’re a DJ cause they mix music but DJing is actually the art of blending one song with another song. It does something to me that I can’t really explain, it’s just I can feel the energy like flowing out. I’m not trying to brag or anything but I’m pretty good.

Owen- He spins a little bit more different type of music than I do. More hip-hop than house. Lot of reggae, lot of reggaeton. To really get people motivated and keep them excited and on the dance floor you really really have to do a good song selection. Can’t feel the vibe of the music, you’re not going to want to stay. I love to dance, I get down, especially Mike, Michael Jackson is one of my favorites. They are always trying to get me to do Billy-Jean, so don’t ask me to do it cause I’m not going to do it.