CARCHEX and Pat Goss Don’t Want You Sweating Over Your Car’s AC This Summer

It’s impossible to beat the summer heat if your car’s air conditioning is busted. And no one likes sweating through work clothes while stuck in rush hour traffic.

If you are experiencing AC trouble, the problem might be refrigerant loss. When refrigerant leaks, it causes cold air to become cool air and cool air to become hot air.


So, if you’re losing refrigerant, you add more right? NO. Never try to add refrigerant. If you add too much you could end up doing more serious damage. Instead find the leak and get it fixed!!

TIP: Insist your technician use a temperature and humidity compensation chart to adjust pressure readings or else your diagnostic could end up entirely wrong.

In addition to low refrigerant stemming from a leak, ask the technician to check the heater control valve or air blend door, a part that controls the temperature of air coming into the car. Next, make sure the radiator condenser is clear of all crud that may have built up over the years. Lastly, check the cabin air filter. Dirty air filters restrict the flow of air into the car and greatly reduce any cooling effects.

If you have any trouble with your car’s AC this summer, don’t bite the dust simply take it in for some maintenance. Ask the proper questions, hit the pool, and come back to a repaired and cool car.