While driving down the road, or when stopped at an intersection or traffic light, many of us can’t help but cringe when we see a gas price sign on a near by corner. Long gone are the days when $20 got us full tanks of gas. Now, it seems as though we pay more to feed our cars than we do to feed ourselves!

If trading in your “money-eater” for a more fuel-efficient car, as a means of reducing expenses is a thought that has crossed your mind, then you will want to watch this week’s Pat Goss’ Car Buying Tips video. Although you may be driving a vehicle with the nickname “Gas Guzzler,” Goss warns, “Don’t trade just to get better fuel economy.” In the long run, the expense of trading in your car may not be justified.

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Buying a Fuel Efficient Car

Gas prices are sky high. Lets face it. Everybody wants to have a car that gets better fuel economy. Well there is nothing wrong that, but keep in mind that if you have a perfectly good car that uses a bit of extra gas, but its not time to get rid of it, the chances of you trading and getting into a fuel efficient car and ever coming out ahead financially is zero. It isn’t going to happen. See, the reason is if your car uses extra fuel you are not going to get anything on trade. That’s number one.

Number two. You pay this extra money to get the newer, more fuel efficient car and it takes years and hundred of thousands of miles in the fuel savings in order to justify the expense. Most cars don’t last long enough for that to happen.
So if you are looking for a car, you need a new car, by all means look for a fuel efficient one. But don’t trade just to get better fuel economy.