Follow CARCHEX’s tips to save at the gas pump and cure those summertime money blues

If you feel run down by gas prices, follow these simple tips from CARCHEX to start saving at the pump today.


1) Buy gas only in the mornings when it’s coolest out.  Gas expands at high temperatures, so to make sure you get the most for your gallon, visit the pump first thing in the morning.

2) Be patient and pump gas at low speeds to minimize vapors. All pumps have a vapor return, which may return fast pumped, already metered gas to an underground storage tank.

3) Do not use a gas station if their tanks are presently being filled. When storage tanks are replenished gas is stirred and agitated. If you pump while storage tanks are being filled your gas may contain particles of dirt that otherwise settle to the bottom.

4) Fill up before you reach empty. The less gas in your tank, the more empty space there is filled with air. The more air, the greater likelihood that some of your gas may evaporate. So, eliminate that empty air space by keeping your tank full.

While these tips might not save you $10 each time you fill up, they add up over time, saving you money and making you a smarter consumer.

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