Dale Earnhardt Jr. fans appreciate and admire him not just because he is an amazing athlete, but because he practices good moral behavior as well.

Crew Chief of #88 Chevrolet, Steve Letarte shares with us his memories from the May 2011 Sprint All-Star Race. Steve declares what happened that day to be his favorite Dale Jr. story. This clip is evidence that small, kind gestures go a long way and that Dale’s actions off the track contribute to his large and growing fan base. We here at CARCHEX, and many others would agree with Steve that Dale is, “a great guy, great-hearted guy, great racecar driver, and its fun to be around him.”

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My favorite Dale story, I don’t know. I think my favorite one so far is probably the all-star race. My little boy decided to come sit in the pit box tomorrow. He had never done it before and I thought the open was the best way to show down. It’s a short race, there’s not a lot of pit strategy, you either have it or you don’t. So he sat up there the beginning of the race and I was giving him a line check, said ‘hey buddy can you hear me?’ And he’s like ‘Oh, I hear ya on the radio.’ Dale yells, ‘what was that?’ I said, ‘my little boy is on the radio so be careful what you say.’ He cussed one time during the race but at the caution he apologized. He said he just let one slip. He apologized later to my wife, ‘Trish I’m sorry I really didn’t mean to cuss.’ She assured him it was in the heat of the battle. It shows how he’s a great guy. Great-hearted guy, great race car driver and is fun to be around him.