As the Halloween holiday approaches, help protect trick-or-treaters this Halloween by following these driving safety tips. Be especially careful between 4 and 8 p.m., when most severe vehicle/young pedestrian collisions happen. Check out some Halloween driving safety tips here as seen in an article from Progressive.

Don’t pass stopped vehicles – The driver might be dropping off children. Also, drive slowly.

Avoid using your mobile phone – Wait until you’ve stopped to call, text, or browse the internet.

Watch for children darting into the street – Kids will sometimes cross the street anywhere. Most young pedestrian deaths happen at places other than intersections.

Yield to young pedestrians – Children might not stop because they don’t see your vehicle or don’t know how to safely cross the street.

Communicate with other drivers – Always use your turn signals and if you have to pull over to drop off or pick up kids, turn on your hazard lights.

And, to keep your own trick-or-treaters safe:

Teach them how to safely cross street – Remember to look both ways and cross only at corners and crosswalks.

Stay Inside – Consider indoor Halloween programs for younger kids. Some communities even offer to help inspect your kids’ treats to make sure they’re safe to eat.

Brighten them up – Give them a flashlight or glow sticks, and/or use reflective tape on their costumes so drivers can see them.

From all of us at CARCHEX, here’s hoping your Halloween is more treat than trick!