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Buying a used car can have certain advantages—savings in cost being the biggest. But buying a used car without a warranty or thorough inspection can be risky. Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) programs help put customers’ uncertainty and skepticism to rest in the buying process.

What Does Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) Mean?

A Certified Pre-Owned car is a used car that has been thoroughly inspected by the vehicle’s manufacturer before being certified and comes with some degree of extended warranty coverage.

When to Consider Buying CPO

CPO vehicles are great for value-conscious buyers who want a nearly new vehicle with a solid warranty, but don’t want to buy off the floor at a premium price. To customers who are looking into buying a luxury brand, they are especially attractive.

Read the Fine Print

There are a ton of car brands that offer CPO programs—but just as with any other auto warranty, some are better than others. If you’re considering buying a CPO car, make sure you do some research beforehand. Find out what the top brands in 2015 covered in terms of CPO warranty.

Try to steer clear of dealership “certified” programs, as they determine the type of coverage you get and do the inspection themselves—and are not held to the same standards as a manufacturer-backed program. Either way, before you buy, read the fine print. Pay attention to what level of coverage they’re offering, when the warranty begins, and when it terminates.

Get a Second Professional Level Evaluation

On rare occasion, document accident damage slips through the cracks, even in the case of manufacturer CPO cars. And because there is no guarantee that the vehicle will be trouble-free, it’s always a good idea to have an independent inspection done on pre-owned vehicles before purchase. That way, if something was missed, and is caught before the deal closes, you can have the dealer make the appropriate repairs.

With a used car inspection, you don’t have to pass up any opportunities. Get a second professional opinion, rather than wait to discover issues that you may have to end up paying out of pocket for late. Get a CARCHEX qualified pre-purchase car inspection now. Call us toll free at 866-261-3457.






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