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What Is a Car Warranty?

A car warranty (or vehicle service contract) is an optional protection plan that covers part replacements and repair costs in the event of a mechanical breakdown.

New cars purchased from a dealership usually come with a factory warranty—also known as a manufacturer’s warranty. The factory warranty protects nearly all the components of your vehicle, but it usually has low mileage limits and expires within the first few years of ownership.

An extended auto warranty lengthens your car’s coverage and can be purchased from either a manufacturer or an aftermarket provider like CARCHEX. Car manufacturers usually require you to buy an extended coverage plan before your factory warranty expires, but you can get an aftermarket warranty at any point of your car’s life.

Types of Car Warranties

Though auto warranty companies give their vehicle protection plans various names, they fall into two main categories: exclusionary and inclusionary.

Exclusionary Warranty

An exclusionary warranty is sometimes referred to as a bumper-to-bumper warranty. These service contracts come with a list of exclusions (components that aren’t covered)—but the list is usually pretty small. Exclusionary warranties tend to cover almost every component in your vehicle, except for items that naturally wear out with use (such as tires and brake pads). Exclusionary warranties are usually the highest level of coverage offered by a provider.

Inclusionary Warranty

Inclusionary warranties are also called “stated-component” warranties. These contracts come with a list of every covered component and can range from very comprehensive coverage to basic powertrain warranties that only cover the engines, transmissions, and drivetrains of cars.

Vehicle warranties don’t usually cover the costs associated with routine maintenance, like tire rotations or oil changes. Some warranty providers offer supplemental maintenance packages and certain car insurance companies offer mechanical breakdown insurance (MBI) that can sometimes cover things extended warranties can’t.

What Is a Car Warranty Quote?

A car warranty quote is an estimate of what it will cost to protect your vehicle. When you contact an auto warranty provider, you’ll provide the representative with certain information about your car and yourself. They’ll use this information to calculate a personalized estimate. You can then compare quotes from a few different warranty companies to find the best coverage options at the price that meets your budget.

How Do I Get a Car Warranty Quote?

Most car warranty companies offer instant quote tools on their websites. They also typically have phone numbers to call in case you’d prefer to speak to a representative. Either way, you’ll give the following information:

  • Your name, email address, and phone number
  • The make, model, and year of your vehicle
  • Your vehicle’s current condition
  • Your vehicle’s current mileage
  • The vehicle’s VIN (not always required)

You’ll be contacted shortly after with the details of your car warranty quote—either at the email address or phone number you provided.

How Do I Get a Car Warranty Quote from CARCHEX?

You have two options when it comes to getting a free quote from us. You can call us at 866-261-3457 and get paired with a specialist instantly, or you can fill out the online form that asks basic questions about you and your car. Within minutes, a specialist will call you back with an estimate for the information you provided.

When you get a car warranty quote from us, you’ll receive our CARCHEX No-Haggle, Low-Price, Everyday Guarantee™.

What Affects Extended Car Warranty Costs?

There’s no set price for an extended warranty. Specialists consider a variety of factors before giving you an estimate for your specific plan. Some of these factors include:

  • Level of coverage—A bumper-to-bumper extended warranty will cost more than one with powertrain coverage because it protects more of your vehicle’s components.
  • Deductible—Plans that cost more typically have lower deductibles with repair service.
  • Driving habits—Specialists will consider whether you mostly use your car for work or pleasure, and how many miles you drive every year on average.
  • Vehicle mileage—A car with more miles will be more expensive to cover because a breakdown is more likely to happen.
  • Make, model, and year of the car—Luxury cars will cost more to protect because of the more expensive components. Extended warranty coverage for used cars is typically cheaper than for new vehicles.
  • Warranty provider—Dealership plans are often more expensive than plans from third-party providers.

CARCHEX Extended Vehicle Protection Plans

We offer five warranty options with several plans under each tier. Here’s a basic overview of each level of CARCHEX vehicle protection.

CARCHEX PlanCoverage LengthPlan Details
TitaniumUp to 10 yearsThis is the highest level of coverage CARCHEX offers—the most similar to a manufacturer’s warranty.
PlatinumUp to 10 yearsPlatinum’s extensive stated-component warranty covers all major vehicle systems and components.
GoldUp to 10 yearsYou can get comprehensive coverage for vehicles over 60,000 miles with the Gold plan.
SilverUp to 7 yearsSilver’s coverage of the powertrain, air conditioning and electrical system is ideal for older vehicles.
BronzeCovers vehicles up to 6 yearsBronze’s basic powertrain protection covers expensive repairs on the engine and transmission for high-mileage vehicles.

*Some CARCHEX plans may not be available in all states and for all vehicles.

CARCHEX maintains an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB) as well as a 99.9% customer satisfaction rate with us. Check out the testimonials of some of the customers we’ve helped and get your instant car warranty quote today. Call us toll-free at 866-261-3457.

Benefits of Choosing CARCHEX

We have 20 years of experience providing coverage for car owners. Throughout the years, we’ve learned what does and doesn’t work when protecting vehicles. Here are some perks that give our customers peace of mind

  • Affordable and flexible plans—We work with you to create a plan to fit your exact needs at a monthly cost you can afford.
  • Low deductibles—You can enjoy deductibles as low as $0.
  • Your choice of repair facility—Instead of being forced to send your car to someone you don’t know, you can choose the repair shop you trust if a breakdown happens.
  • Claims paid directly to the repair shop—You won’t have to pay the auto repair bill yourself and wait for a reimbursement from us. We’ll handle the payment directly with the shop.
  • Transferable plans—If you decide to sell your car, your extended warranty plan can be transferred to the new owner.
  • Coverage for all vehicles—Any car can be protected with one of our plans, including new, used, and certified pre-owned ones.
  • Endorsements—CARFAX, RepairPal, Kelley Blue Book, SiriusXM, and other industry leaders have endorsed our services.
  • Extra benefits—A plan with CARCHEX includes trip interruption services, rental car reimbursement, towing, and roadside assistance.
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee—If you’re unsatisfied with your service, you can contact us within 30 days for a refund.*

Comparing CARCHEX with Other Warranty Providers

While there are several reputable third-party extended warranty companies, we lead the field in terms of our experience, quote process, and BBB accreditation and rating.

Here’s a table that outlines the differences between CARCHEX and the other leading car warranty companies.

CARCHEXAutoAssureConcord Auto ProtectEndurance
Years in Business24131017
Instant QuoteYesYesYesYes
BBB AccreditationYesNoNoNo
BBB RatingA+C+D-Not Rated
BBB Complaints (last 36 mo.)1591171602,029
Partnerships/EndorsementsCARFAX, RepairPal, Edmunds.com, Autoblog, SiriusXM, Vehicle Protection Association, and Goss’ Garage.Vehicle Protection Association, Dun & BradstreetConsumer AffairsCourtney Hansen, Katie Osborne, Vehicle Protection Association

*Accurate as of September 2023


Our Protection Specialists have shopped and researched the market for the car warranty programs with the best coverage, best ratings, and best prices. We’ve compiled this information into one centralized marketplace, so consumers like you can quickly learn what to look for when shopping for the best car warranty quotes.

With other car warranty companies, you’ll be given a quote for only the protection plans they provide themselves. That’s where CARCHEX differs.

With us, there’s no pressure to buy. We take a consultative approach to car warranties, providing you with the best quotes from our network of providers so you can make your own purchasing decisions.

Our specialists remain on hand to answer any questions, analyze any current warranty you may have, and do anything else necessary to help you find the right protection for your needs.

Furthermore, we offer flexible and affordable payment plans for car warranties with financing available for up to 24 months.

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