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If you’re looking for a Nissan extended warranty, you may be wondering what protection plans are offered by Nissan and by third-party providers. The experts at CARCHEX can help you understand and compare your options so you make the best overall choice.

What’s In a Nissan Dealership Extended Warranty?

Nissan offers three coverage plans for new and pre-owned vehicles under its Security+Plus extended warranty program. All Nissan extended warranty contracts are transferable for a fee, and your vehicle can be covered up to eight years or 120,000 miles with a $0 or $100 deductible. Below are details about Nissan’s dealership extended warranties:

Powertrain Preferred—Covers 839 components of the engine and transmission, as well as specific components within the vehicle’s suspension, steering, fuel system, brakes, and other vital systems.

Silver Preferred—Covers over 1,500 components, including all items covered under the powertrain preferred plan and some components of the interior and electronic systems.

Gold Preferred—Covers almost all components except for tires, brake pads, spark plugs, and other routine maintenance items.

All Nissan extended warranty plans also include roadside assistance, but only Silver and Gold plans cover car rental reimbursement, towing reimbursement, and trip interruption. You can choose between either a $0 or $100 deductible for any of the three plans.

Downsides of a Nissan Dealership Extended Warranty

Typically, dealership warranties are more expensive than third-party alternatives. The cost of this Nissan extended warranty can also be rolled into your vehicle financing, meaning you’ll end up paying interest on your warranty.

When you put your Nissan extended warranty in the manufacturer’s hands, your vehicle can only be fixed at a Nissan dealer. The extended warranty also won’t cover repairs made by non-Nissan mechanics.

Since dealer extended warranty plans provide so few options, you may end up paying a high price for coverage that you don’t want. Keep reading to learn how a Nissan extended warranty from third-party providers like CARCHEX can be customized for your personal driving habits and budget.

CARCHEX Extended Warranties at a Glance

CARCHEX Extended Vehicle Protection Plans offer affordable, flexible extended warranties for your Nissan. Purchasing a Nissan extended warranty from CARCHEX can protect your investment and provide peace of mind should an unexpected or untimely repair arise.

Here’s what you get when you turn to CARCHEX for a Nissan extended warranty:

  • Affordable Payment Options—We offer budget-friendly monthly payment plans that help you avoid those unexpected $2,500 out-of-pocket repair bills. The average monthly coverage cost of a CARCHEX Extended Vehicle Protection Plan for a 2007–2014 Nissan is just $65.*
  • Your Choice of Repair Shop—CARCHEX partners with over 30,000 repair facilities, so you’re free to choose the mechanic you trust most.
  • Extended Warranty Extras—Get free roadside assistance, as well as rental car, towing, gas delivery, and trip interruption benefits.
  • Claims Paid Directly to the Repair Facility—We make it easy by paying your repair shop directly, so you won’t have to wait for reimbursement.
  • No-Haggle, Low-Price, Everyday Guarantee™—We believe you shouldn’t have to haggle to get the lowest price.
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee—We’re committed to providing the best Nissan extended warranty on the market. If you’re not completely satisfied, we’ll refund your money.
  • A 99.9% Customer Satisfaction Rating—Customer satisfaction is what’s most important to us, and CARCHEX is proud to boast a 99.9% customer satisfaction score and an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

Extended Protection from CARCHEX

Instead of the three Nissan extended warranty tiers, CARCHEX offers five levels of coverage, with a number of customizable plans within each level. Each plan is backed by a reliable provider.

  • Titanium Coverage, our version of a bumper-to-bumper warranty, covers nearly all components of the vehicle.
  • Platinum Coverage is our highest level of stated-component coverage available.
  • Gold Coverage includes components on all major systems of the vehicle, making it ideal for vehicles with over 60,000 miles.
  • Silver Coverage is our plan that gives essential coverage to your vehicle’s major systems.
  • Bronze Coverage is designed to protect you from the biggest costs associated with repairing your vehicle’s engine and transmission.

Coverage terms are between five and 10 years for most Nissan extended warranty plans from CARCHEX, so you’ll receive long-lasting protection for your vehicle no matter the mileage.

All Nissan extended warranty choices from CARCHEX include 24/7 roadside assistance, trip interruption benefits, rental and towing reimbursement, and other roadside benefits at no additional cost. That way, a mechanical breakdown won’t leave your pockets empty due to costly repairs.

How Much Can You Save With CARCHEX?

Answering that question isn’t necessarily easy. The answer depends on factors like the model and age of your car and your driving habits. But to give you an idea of the price to repair a Nissan, here are some common repair costs reported by Nissan drivers:

Average Repair Estimates for Nissan

  • $714–$742 for a Nissan Rogue fuel pump replacement
  • $834–$857 for a Nissan Versa AC compressor replacement
  • $458–$494 for a Nissan Pathfinder brake master cylinder replacement
  • $2,075–$2,107 for a Nissan Sentra catalytic converter replacement
  • $2,446–$2,977 for a Nissan GT-R head gasket replacement

Protecting Your Nissan for Years to Come

Consider Nissan’s track record for reliability and the fact that most Nissan models are not very expensive to maintain, costing an average of $500 to maintain annually, according to RepairPal. Though in Consumer Reports ratings, Nissan ranks better in dependability than GMC, Jeep, or Ford, it still ranks below Toyota, Mazda, Subaru, and other manufacturers.

Nissans generally last a long time, but after your three-year or 36,000-mile Nissan manufacturer warranty expires, you’re on the hook for all repairs. If your Nissan is used, check out our list of the best extended warranty companies for used cars here. To learn more about choosing an extended warranty for a used car, check out our guide here.

Without coverage, you could end up driving a Nissan for as long as a decade without protection.

Should You Buy Third-Party or From a Dealer?

While a Nissan extended warranty from the dealership can offer comprehensive coverage and similar peace of mind, third-party providers such as CARCHEX often provide even more benefits at much lower prices. Let’s compare some features that differ between manufacturer and third-party extended auto warranties:

1. Service Options

With a Nissan extended warranty from the manufacturer, you are covered for service and repair only if you take your vehicle to a Nissan dealership.

At CARCHEX, you can head to the licensed auto repair shop of your choice. With over 30,000 repair facilities across the United States, you’re sure to find one you trust.

2. Extended Warranty Interest Payments

A Nissan dealership will usually try to roll the cost of an extended protection plan into the purchase price of the car. Over time, you’ll have to pay interest on that cumulative amount.

To avoid paying interest on your Nissan extended warranty, consider a separate third-party provider like CARCHEX that bills completely separately from your car payments.

3. Simplified Policy Transfer

A Nissan extended warranty can be a beneficial purchase even if you may not keep your car. Third-party providers like CARCHEX generally allow you to transfer your policy to a new owner, which can increase the resale value of your car.

Get the Best Nissan Extended Warranty Today

CARCHEX works with you to find the best Nissan extended warranty. Our goal is to deliver the finest experience to our customers, which is why we offer many benefits neglected by other companies. Here’s what you’ll get if you choose a CARCHEX Extended Vehicle Protection Plan:

CARCHEX Extended Warranty Benefits

  • No down payment
  • Customized coverage options
  • Competitive prices from trusted providers
  • Transferable plans
  • Online sample contracts
  • The ability to cancel your plan
  • Easy payment plan
  • Protection against lost, stolen, or damaged keys
  • Pressure-free, efficient customer service
  • Flexible time and terms for every driving habit
  • A network of over 30,000 repair facilities

Call Now for a Free Extended Warranty Quote

To get a free Nissan extended warranty quote from CARCHEX in seconds, call CARCHEX at 866-261-3457 and learn about our Extended Vehicle Protection Plans.


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*Figure accurate as of May 2017. Average monthly coverage cost is based on the average total price of the Vehicle Protection Plan over a four year coverage period. Actual monthly payments will vary per plan’s payment policy. Individual pricing is subject to change based on the combination of make, model, year, and mileage as well as coverage level and term length.