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Are you thinking about buying an extended car warranty? As you’ll find when shopping for any type of warranty, cost should definitely be a factor in your decision.

You may be surprised to learn that extended car warranty costs can vary greatly depending on your car, driving habits, and where you purchase your vehicle service contract. Knowing what factors go into the cost of an extended car warranty can help you determine if it’s worth it. For many drivers, purchasing an extended warranty from a third-party provider offers the best coverage, benefits, and cost-savings over a dealership service contract.

  • What is the vehicle make and model?
  • Are you purchasing an extended warranty from a dealership or a third-party warranty company?
  • Have you followed proper recommended maintenance on the vehicle?
  • How old is the car?
  • How many miles does the car have on it?
  • Is the car a hybrid/electric vehicle?
  • What coverage plan are you buying? The more coverage, the most cost.
  • Are there high-tech components that need to be covered?

If you purchase extended coverage from a manufacturer, the cost may be added to your car payment. The finance manager or sales representative will likely explain how convenient it is to have your extended car warranty cost rolled into your existing financing. At first, this may seem like an easy way to make monthly payments to protect your vehicle. However, you end up paying interest on the warranty, and it becomes more expensive in the long run.

With third-party warranty companies, your service contract is completely separate from your car payment to the dealership. Depending on your protection plan, you may still be able to make convenient monthly payments. Unlike a dealership extended warranty, you won’t have interest or financing costs added on top of the extended auto warranty cost.

Benefits of an Extended Car Warranty

For many car owners, an extended car warranty cost is a major factor in whether they purchase a vehicle protection plan. However, cost shouldn’t be the only factor in determining if a vehicle service contract is right for you. There are many benefits that quickly outweigh any costs.

Extended Car Warranty BenefitWhy It’s ImportantAlternative
Additional protection with manufacturer’s warrantyWhen you buy a new car, you’ll get a manufacturer’s warranty. However, this warranty won’t cover everything that can go wrong with a new car. An extended warranty helps bridge the gap to cover repairs for your vehicle.Without an extended car warranty, you’ll pay out of pocket for repairs not covered by your manufacturer’s warranty. This can be especially expensive for luxury cars like Audi or Tesla.
Coverage after factory warranty endsYour manufacturer’s warranty will expire usually between 3–5 years or 36,000–60,000 miles after buying your car. Extended warranties give you a way to continue coverage and peace of mind.Once your manufacturer’s warranty expires, your car is not protected by any coverage, and you’ll have to pay for any repairs.
Coverage for common repairs for your vehicleKnowing your car’s reliability rating, such as those provided J.D. Power or Consumer Reports, you can gauge how likely certain repairs may be and get a service contract that covers those repairs.Cars from brands like Toyota and Chevy have good reliability, but no car is free of repairs. A protection plan can be the difference between stomaching an expensive repair or having the cost covered.
Keep your vehicle protected as it agesAs cars age, they become more likely to develop issues and need repairs. Extended service contracts are especially important for covering major systems in cars with high mileage.Depending on the type of repair for your older vehicle, you may decide the price of repairs isn’t worth it and not have them completed. This can lead to a complete breakdown and you searching for a new car.

How Can I Find the Best Deal?

Dealerships often mark up the cost of an extended warranty, so there’s room to negotiate if you’re informed. By waiting and shopping around, you can definitely find an extended car warranty that works for you.

It’s also wise to know that you don’t have to buy an extended warranty at the time of your auto purchase. You don’t have to succumb to the pressure of buying on the spot from a pushy salesman. In fact, to get the best deal on your extended car warranty cost, buying from a third-party provider is your best bet.

There are many third-party companies that offer vehicle service contracts, so it’s important to compare the benefits of these companies. Take a look to see how CARCHEX compares to the competition:

In addition to a great BBB rating and a long list of endorsements from experts in the auto industry, CARCHEX keeps the cost of an extended car warranty affordable. We’re able to get you the best possible price by working with the top service contract providers available. Since they’re all competing for your business, we negotiate the best price and pass it on to you.

Get the Most for Your Money With CARCHEX

If you’re considering adding coverage to a new or used car, CARCHEX makes it easy for you to find the best price. Not only do we work with you to find the right deal, but our excellent customer service makes it easy and convenient for you to use the warranty should a breakdown occur.

Our five different levels of vehicle coverage allow you to choose the right amount of protection for your car and get the best extended car warranty:

  • Titanium Coverage—As comprehensive coverage for your vehicle, this is our highest level of protection and a great choice for new car owners.
  • Platinum Coverage—This is stated component coverage for vehicles, which can be an affordable way to maximize coverage and minimize costs.
  • Gold Coverage—With flexible terms and component coverage options, this level is great for vehicles over 60,000 miles.
  • Silver Coverage—Get up to seven years of protection on your high-mileage car’s major systems.
  • Bronze Coverage—These powertrain warranties keep your car safe from the most expensive repairs.

In addition to one of the largest selections of protection plans available from third-party warranty companies, CARCHEX provides added values for customers. We understand that choosing a car warranty company doesn’t just depend on price, and work hard to make sure we provide the best customer service. Benefits of choosing CARCHEX for your extended vehicle service contract include:

  • Flexible Payments Options—We offer monthly payment plans to help make your service contract more affordable.
  • Repair Shop Choices—We’re partnered with over 30,000 repair facilities across the country, so feel free to have repairs completed at your local shop, national chain, or dealership.
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee— We think you’ll love our extended warranty services, but if you don’t, we’ll give you your money back.
  • Customer Experience Above All—That’s our Brand Promise, and we work hard to make sure you have the best customer service and claims process possible.
  • 20+ Years of Experience—We’ve helped car owners reduce repair costs for two decades, and we’ve established ourselves as leaders in the extended car warranty industry.
  • Roadside Assistance—All plans include 24/7 roadside assistance, towing service, rental car reimbursement, and other benefits.

Get a free extended car warranty quote and find out if buying an extended car warranty is right for you. CARCHEX has received an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, and we have a perfect score from Thoroughly Reviewed. You can also speak to one of our specialists by calling us toll-free at 866-261-3457.


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