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There's a lot to consider when shopping for extended vehicle protection. Does the cost match the benefits? Many auto owners don't always know what they're getting in their protection plans. The CARCHEX protection specialists are here to help find the best extended protection plan for you.

What Is Extended Vehicle Protection?

Extended vehicle protection is another name for auto extended warranty. These protection plans can be purchased for used, new, and pre-owned cars. The idea is that you save money by paying for your protection plan instead of costly repairs at the auto shop. Powertrain and bumper-to-bumper warranties are two of the most common types of extended vehicle protection plans.

Why Should I Consider Extended Vehicle Protection?

If your factory warranty has expired and you are thinking about purchasing extended auto protection, ask yourself these questions:

  • Is my car reliable? Some cars are known to have more repairs than others.
  • Are any big auto repairs coming up? Research your make, model, and year to know what to expect.
  • How long am I planning on driving this car? Investing in a warranty can help keep your car in tip-top shape for years to come.
  • Am I looking to sell the car? A warranty can increase your resale value.
  • Do I prefer to be protected from large costs? A smaller monthly payment may be easier for your budget and put your mind at ease.


How Much Does Extended Vehicle Protection Cost?

What's the cost of an extended warranty and is it worth it? There are several factors that determine what you'll be paying. Warranties for older vehicles with higher mileages are more expensive. The same goes for luxury brands and models. Also, the level of coverage you select plays a big part in the cost. However, if your plan includes a deductible, your premium cost is lower. 

Before you sign on the dotted line, do your research and compare prices between the manufacturer and auto warranty companies. CARCHEX does the same when setting our prices to guarantee our customers a fair, affordable price. 

The Benefits to Buying Extended Vehicle Protection

Suppose your car breaks down and the estimate to get it fixed is several thousand dollars. Unless you have that money sitting around, you probably want to be protected in case something unexpected happens on the road. Saving money is just the start of why buying extended coverage is worth it. Here are a few more reasons to think about extending past the original warranty:

1. Longer Protection Means You Can Drive Longer
After a factory warranty expires, you're no longer protected against high repair costs. As cars get older, they become more vulnerable. That's why buying extended protection can keep you on the road longer.

2. You Fit The Protection Plan To Your Needs
A vehicle protection plan isn't one-size-fits-all. There's room to negotiate and opportunity to make the plan fit your driving habits.

3. Extended Protection Covers Your Car's Technology
Extending your vehicle's protection will cover many of the car's technologies such as HVAC systems, audio, and other electrical systems.

How Do I Choose an Extended Vehicle Protection Provider?

Before you leave the dealership, you can bet that you'll be offered an extended warranty. It's important to know that you have options. Third party auto warranty companies like CARCHEX provide a wide range of affordable options. Plus, a buying a manufacturer extended warranty more than often means that you are required to use their facilities, technicians, and parts for your repair to be covered. These factors are known to boost the costs.

Purchasing an extended vehicle protection plan through CARCHEX has many advantages:

  • Our promise is Customer Experience Above All. Better Business Bureau backs our pledge by giving us an A+ for customer service.
  • We have endorsements and partnerships with trusted industry leaders, including CARFAX, RepairPal, Edmunds.com, and Pat Gross.
  • Through free consultations and advice, our knowledgeable auto warranty experts help you get the right plan for your vehicle.
  • CARCHEX is serious about your satisfaction and provides a No-Haggle, Low-Price, Everyday Guarantee™ and 30-Day Monday Back Guarantee.




Get Protection Through Our Trusted Extended Auto Warranty Company

Have you weighed the benefits of extended vehicle protection and decided to purchase a plan? CARCHEX has several options to meet your unique needs. 


CARCHEX Extended Vehicle Protection also includes benefits like 24/7 roadside assistance, rental cars, and towing. As our team of car warranty and insurance experts puts customer service first, we pay covered claims directly to the repair shop, so there's no waiting for reimbursement. 

CARCHEX Makes It Easy 

When you shop with CARCHEX, you're getting the industry's leading service at a cost you can afford. We've created a marketplace of vendors who essentially compete for your business and we quote the most competitive price for our customers every time. That's why CARCHEX is a top-ranked company in the vehicle protection business.

Buying extended coverage for your car is easy when you work with CARCHEX. Our online quote generator tells you what the protection cost is in just a matter of minutes. Our coverage and prices place us squarely among the most trusted auto warranty companies in the market.

Call 866-261-3457 to talk to a vehicle expert today.



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