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Honda Care terms and coverage are more limiting than you might expect. If you’re looking to save money and extend the life of your Honda Civic, purchasing an extended warranty from a third-party provider is your best option. Keep reading to learn what’s covered, what’s not, and where to shop for a plan.

What’s Covered by Honda Care?

Honda Care is a type of warranty available from Honda, and it’s a popular choice among Civic drivers whose factory warranties have or are about to expire. But are you aware of the limitations of a Honda Care plan?

  • Honda Care is available only for Civics that are less than three years old and have fewer than 36,000 miles.
    • This means that if your Civic has 37,000 miles on it or is just three and a half years old, you won’t be able to purchase a Honda Care plan.
  • You are covered by Honda Care only if you have your Civic serviced at a Honda dealership.
    • This means that you don’t get to choose your repair facility—it’s a Honda dealership or nothing.
  • Honda Care does not cover you for any part of the car that is not an American Honda authorized part.
    • This means that if you’ve had a part replaced at your favorite local garage, that part is not covered under Honda Care.
  • Honda Care is not comprehensive coverage and is not customizable.

How to Avoid Costly Repairs

In order to avoid being strapped with costly repair bills, an extended warranty is your best option. If you’re looking for more options outside of Honda Care for your Honda Civic extended warranty needs, consider a protection plan from a third-party provider like CARCHEX.

This will let you choose an extended warranty that offers affordable payment options, flexible coverage, and the freedom to customize your plan.

Extended Warranties from CARCHEX

When you choose an extended warranty from CARCHEX, you can rest assured that you’ll be getting affordable, flexible coverage for the life of your Honda Civic.

CARCHEX Plan Benefits

We are proud to offer:

  • Comprehensive Coverage—You’ll be covered for repair costs that Honda Care doesn’t handle, and an extended warranty plan protects your car after your factory warranty has expired or your car surpasses the 3-year / 36,000 mile mark. You’re even covered for diagnostic fees.
  • Low Monthly Payment Plans—An extended warranty can save you from having to choose between your safety and your finances when your car needs to be fixed.
  • Flexible Service Options—When your vehicle needs repair, you choose the licensed repair facility (dealership, local mechanic, or national chain such as Goodyear, Firestone, or Pep Boys). We work with more than 30,000 in the US, so you’re sure to find a favorite.
  • Customizable Coverage—CARCHEX offers plans that can be customized based on your budget, needs, and driving habits.
  • Exceptional Customer Service—We boast a 99.9% satisfaction rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB), and CARCHEX has received endorsements from industry leaders like CARFAX, Thoroughly Reviewed, Pat Goss, RepairPal, and Edmunds.

The chart below shows the five levels of coverage available from CARCHEX. We offer many protection plans within the different levels. 

How Much Does It Cost to Repair a Civic?

The Honda Civic is known for its reliability, but as your Honda ages and you rack up more miles, the need for repairs will arise. Take a look at what Civic drivers are paying to fix their cars:

  • Clutch replacement—$460–$2135
  • Timing belt replacement—$231–$533
  • Starter replacement—$191–$791
  • Brake pad replacement—$133–$308

When you’re met with an unexpected repair need, will you be able to afford the cost if you’re not covered by an extended warranty? If the answer is no, you’re not alone. That’s why CARCHEX offers affordable monthly payment plans for any budget and need. In fact, the average monthly coverage cost of a CARCHEX Vehicle Protection Plan for a 2007–2014 Honda is just $64.*

Cost to Repair Your Car

Get an Extended Warranty for Your Honda Civic

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*Figure accurate as of May 2017. Average monthly coverage cost is based on the average total price of the Vehicle Protection Plan over a four year coverage period. Actual monthly payments will vary per plan’s payment policy. Individual pricing is subject to change based on the combination of make, model, year, and mileage as well as coverage level and term length.