What Does A Honda Factory Warranty Cover?

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Like most car manufacturers, Honda backs its vehicles with a factory warranty. The dealership promises you coverage for a couple of years, but what happens when the factory plan expires? 

Below, we'll give you an overview of Honda's factory warranty and help you find the best protection for your car at the most affordable price.

Honda Factory Warranty Basics

Here's a quick look at the protection Honda offers you when you walk off the lot:

3-year, 36,000-Mile Warranty

  • Provides coverage for re-manufactured parts.
  • Vehicles less than three years old are eligible for Honda Care plans
  • Vehicles less than a year old or with less than 12,000 miles are eligible for Honda Care Maintenance

5-year, 60,000-Mile Powertrain Warranty

Covers ordinary maintenance and replacement of some parts due to normal wear and tear. With that comes 24-hour roadside assistance in the U.S., Canada, and Puerto Rico.

5-year, Unlimited-Miles Warranty

Corrosion protection from Honda Accord owners.

Other Honda Factory Warranty Plans

  • Replacement And Remanufactured Parts Limited Warranties
  • Accessory Limited Warranty 

A factory warranty is the first level of protection for new car owners. It eventually runs out, but car owners may also purchase an extended warranty to cover repair costs on their cars as they age.

Extended Honda Warranty Means Extended Savings

Regardless of your model, there are two reasons why a Honda driver should strongly consider an extended warranty:

1. Hondas generally can last for many years, often surpassing 200,000 miles.
2. Honda dropped two spots in recent reliability rankings.

Naturally, as any car ages, its vulnerability to breakdowns increases. Here's a breakdown of what many expensive car repairs might cost you:

Advantages Of A Third-Party Warranty

A Honda factory warranty may cover your vehicle, but it forces you into a one-size-fits-all situation. A third-party provider’s goal is to find the warranty that fits your needs and budget best. 

No Surprises
A third-party extended warranty or service plan offers comparable coverage for your Honda at a more affordable price. If you’re on a fixed budget, an extended warranty will keep monthly car repair costs consistent. 

Pick Your Repair Shop
What if something happens to your car while you're traveling? You better hope there's a Honda dealership nearby if you don't have a third-party extended warranty. Companies like CARCHEX give you the flexibility to take your car to thousands of licensed mechanics all over North America.

Increase Your Resale Value
Most extended warranties are transferable and travel with the car. That adds value should you decide to sell your car.

Money Back Guarantee
Also, some companies like CARCHEX also offer a risk-free, 30-day money back guarantee with all of their extended warranties. No buyer's remorse!

CARCHEX Extended Warranty Coverage

CARCHEX offers great warranty protection for Honda vehicles. Our warranty plans provide the following benefits:

list of additional benefits for carchex warranties

A vehicle protection specialist from CARCHEX can explain all of the benefits each warranty provides. The great range of options is one reason why CARCHEX ranks among the top warranty providers in the industry.

Finding a quote online is free, fast, and easy. Or call CARCHEX now at 866-261-3457 to protect your Honda today.




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