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The factory Subaru warranty is limited to three years or 36,000 miles, and its powertrain coverage lasts for five years or 60,000 miles. When your warranty expires or you purchase a used Subaru, you’ll be responsible for all repair costs.

Read on to learn what your Subaru warranty covers, how much repairs typically cost, and why getting a third-party extended auto warranty from CARCHEX could save you thousands.

What Does a Subaru Warranty Cover?

Subaru of America warranty coverage is similar to most other automakers’ plans. Below, we’ll explain exactly what parts make up the manufacturer’s warranty from Subaru.

New Vehicle Limited Warranty

Nearly everything in your new Subaru is covered by this comprehensive coverage plan, from powertrain parts to the car’s air conditioning system. Wear items such as brake pads, shoe linings, clutch linings, and wiper blades are also covered for three years or 36,000 miles.

Below are a few other parts and services found in the Subaru new vehicle limited warranty:

  • Any part of your Subaru that isn’t listed as an exclusion in your warranty and maintenance booklet
  • Genuine Subaru optional accessories
  • One adjustment service

Powertrain Limited Warranty

On top of the basic Subaru warranty, new Subaru vehicles come with a powertrain warranty that covers your vehicle’s most important parts for the first five years or 60,000 miles. This coverage option protects the following parts:

  • Engine
  • Engine block and all internal parts
  • Cylinder heads and valve trains
  • Oil pump and oil pan
  • Timing belts or gears and cover
  • Water pump
  • Flywheel
  • Intake and exhaust manifolds
  • Oil seals and gaskets

This Subaru warranty also protects against issues with your vehicle’s all-wheel drive drivetrain. This means the components below are also covered:

  • Transaxle case and internal parts
  • Torque converter
  • Electronic transmission control unit
  • Seals and gaskets
  • Axle shafts and constant velocity joints (except boots)
  • Propeller shaft
  • Wheel bearings

Rust Perforation Limited Warranty

Your Subaru factory warranty also includes five years and unlimited miles of protection against rust perforation. Subaru rust perforation coverage only applies to perforation due to corrosion, like a rusted hole in a sheet metal panel. Cosmetic or surface corrosion, like scratches in your Subaru’s paint job, aren’t included.

Hybrid System Limited Warranty

Additionally, hybrid systems are covered by an 8-year/100,000-mile limited warranty for plug-in hybrid electric vehicle components:

  • Battery control module
  • High-voltage battery pack
  • Transmission and electric motor assembly
  • Hybrid system control module
  • Hydraulic booster
  • Onboard charger
  • Power control unit
  • Charge cable

Seat Belt Limited Warranty

New Subaru models come with a lifetime warranty on broken seat belts. Note that coverage excludes cosmetic appearances such as fading due to exposure from the sun.

Auto mechanic repairing car.

Subaru Warranty Exclusions

While the phrase “bumper-to-bumper” may lead you to believe your entire vehicle is covered, that isn’t actually the case. Here are some exceptions to the Subaru warranty:

  • Parts covered by other warranties: Parts like tires have their own warranties, so they’re not eligible for bumper-to-bumper coverage.
  • Normal wear and tear items: Routine maintenance needs like oil changes and cosmetic issues won’t be covered by your Subaru warranty.
  • Improper repairs or unauthorized parts: If your Subaru wasn’t authorized for repairs or if you’ve done work not approved by the brand, the issue won’t be covered.
  • Damage or malfunction due to abuse, neglect, or accidents: If the issue was out of Subaru’s control, like weather events or a mistake on your part, it’s not covered.
  • Damage due to lack of maintenance: If you didn’t properly maintain your Subaru and something in your vehicle fails or malfunctions, Subaru won’t be responsible.
  • Damage caused by the environment: The Subaru warranty won’t cover damages from natural factors like chemicals, tree sap, bird droppings, water, hail, and wind.
  • Repairs by unauthorized dealers: Except for emergency repairs, work performed at places other than an authorized Subaru dealer aren’t covered.

How Much Are Subaru Repair Costs?

The original Subaru warranty won’t last forever, so it’s important that you don’t get stuck paying for costly repairs out of pocket afterward. Here are average costs from RepairPal on some common Subaru issues:

Standard Repair

Average Cost

Brake rotor replacement

$236 to $420

Head gasket replacement

$1,523 to $2,280

Automatic transmission diagnosis

$81 to $104

Differential fluid replacement

$81 to $134

Note that rates will be slightly different depending on where you live and which used car model you own. Prices could vary somewhat between a Forester, an Outback, and a Crosstrek.

Is a Subaru Extended Warranty Worth It?

Don’t want to get stuck paying for these repairs out of pocket? A Subaru extended warranty from the automaker or a third-party supplier like CARCHEX leaves you with only a small deductible.

The easiest way to avoid paying for these and similar car repairs is by picking up an extended car warranty from either Subaru or an independent provider like CARCHEX. While you’ll get genuine Subaru parts and company technicians if you go with the automaker, it’s generally much cheaper to choose a third-party plan.

Subaru Added Security Extended Warranty

The Subaru Added Security® plan is what the automaker calls its extended auto warranties. Drivers who purchase these contracts could end up paying more overall, but they’ll receive genuine Subaru parts when their car breaks down.

There are two main extended Subaru warranties: the Classic Plan and the Gold Plus Plan. Those who select Classic receive basic powertrain protection, while the latter option comes with a more exhaustive list of components. Each Subaru Added Security choice takes care of the wear and tear of covered components.

It’s worth considering CARCHEX as well due to our wider range of coverage plans and our extremely competitive pricing. Many motorists appreciate our flexibility and the quality service they receive from CARCHEX agents.

CARCHEX vs. the Competition

When it comes to choosing a third-party provider for Subaru warranty coverage, you have choices. Not all extended warranty companies offer the same quality and auto warranty costs, though. Here’s how CARCHEX vehicle protection plans stack up against those from other industry leaders:

It’s easy to see that CARCHEX leads the competition in ratings and customer service. After all, we place a strong emphasis on customer satisfaction.

  • CARCHEX has over 20 years of experience in the auto warranty business.
  • We’ve been accredited by Better Business Bureau (BBB) and have an extremely strong customer satisfaction rate on the site.
  • ThoroughlyReviewed gives us a score of 10.0 for business ratings, coverage options, claims service, help and support, and repair services.
  • We have endorsements and partnerships throughout the industry, including from Edmunds.com, Kelley Blue Book, and the Vehicle Protection Association.

While you can get a Subaru warranty from one of many auto warranty providers, CARCHEX is a solid pick for those looking for affordable rates and top-notch service.

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CARCHEX Extended Warranty Plans

CARCHEX offers five coverage levels to fit your driving needs, with a number of protection plans within these. Each plan is backed by reliable providers who offer reasonable rates to compete for your business. Here’s a quick look at our extended vehicle protection plans:

  • Titanium coverage: This CARCHEX bumper-to-bumper plan covers nearly all major vehicle components with a few exceptions.
  • Platinum coverage: You’ll receive our highest level of stated-component coverage.
  • Gold coverage: If your car has almost 100,000 miles on it, this could be the plan that best suits your Subaru warranty needs.
  • Silver coverage: CARCHEX uses the Silver plan to make sure that vehicles’ major systems get essential coverage at affordable rates.
  • Bronze coverage: This practical base plan was designed to protect you from expensive engine and transmission repairs.

Benefits of Choosing CARCHEX

CARCHEX provides high-quality extended Subaru warranty products through our vehicle service contracts. Subaru owners receive even more than that when they select our plans, however. Along with the industry’s best protection, CARCHEX comes with the following:

  • Low prices every day: Instead of making you haggle to receive our best rates, we’ll give them to you from the start. CARCHEX is proud to bring financial accessibility to the extended auto warranty industry.
  • Direct payments to the repair shop: Monthly payments are much easier than charging your credit card for covered repairs all at once. We’ll pay the auto shop directly so you don’t have to pay upfront and wait to be reimbursed.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee: You have a month to backtrack on your CARCHEX warranty if you start having second thoughts.

  • 24/7 roadside assistance: If you encounter trouble on the road, CARCHEX will help with 24/7 roadside assistance included at no extra cost.
  • Towing services: If your car needs a tow, CARCHEX will send someone to you.
  • Rental car reimbursement: CARCHEX has you covered if you need a car rental while your vehicle is being worked on at the repair facility.
  • Fuel and fluid deliveries: Emergency gas deliveries won’t be a problem for us.
  • Trip interruption benefits: If your vacation was interrupted due to a mechanical breakdown, we’ll pay for certain meals and accommodations.
  • Diagnostic fee coverage: We’ll pay for diagnostics if they’re a bigger financial burden than fixing the car problem itself.
  • Part repair and replacement: If your vehicle needs a repair or replacement, you can choose from more than 30,000 mechanics. The extended Subaru warranty requires you to head to an authorized Subaru dealership instead.

Get a Free Quote From CARCHEX

Receiving an online quote from CARCHEX is free, fast, and easy. While a Subaru warranty could provide you with the peace of mind you crave, it may not give you the best prices. Call CARCHEX at 866-261-3457 to find the best extended warranty for your Subaru today.

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