Car insurance rates can vary between providers, even with the same coverage terms. Nobody wants to pay more than they have to, but you also want to deal with a reliable company. There are specific tactics that lower your monthly insurance payment (or premium) such as increasing your deductible. There are even high tech ways to pay less. Let’s take a look.

Compare Companies

A simple starting point is to call car insurance companies one-by-one and compare rates. This takes time, but if you use online car insurance quote services, the work is done for you. These free services compare insurance rates between top providers like Travelers, Progressive, Safeco, Encompass, The Hartford, Allied Insurance, Chubb, ACE, Dairyland Insurance and Cincinnati Insurance. These services give you numbers to work with quickly. Get a free online auto insurance quote from CARCHEX now.

Pay A Higher Deductible

The deductible is the out of pocket cost you have to pay for any car damage before the insurance benefit kicks in. If you carry a higher deductible, then your monthly payment will be less. There is some risk here; however, this is essentially a guaranteed way to lower your premium.

Technology Helps Lower Rates

Today’s GPS technology is helping insurance companies offer lower premiums. For example, your vehicle can be fitted with a “black box” that collects information about your driving habits. Things like average speed and amount of nighttime driving are taken into account. Even the crime rate in areas you drive in can be considered. If your data falls into a safer range, then you can request to have your insurance rates lowered. Smart phones can also be used through downloadable apps that record the necessary info.

Anti-Theft Services

These also rely on GPS technology by installing a tracking device in the event that your car is stolen. These services are provided by a variety of companies, and car insurance companies look upon this favorably. With these services the chances of recovery are much greater if your vehicle is stolen.

Teenager Discounts

If you have a young driver at home, this can raise your insurance premium significantly. Many companies award lower rates to teens that have completed driver’s education courses. Some providers even award good school grades with lower insurance premiums. Get competitive car insurance quotes now.

Don’t Modify Your Car

If you are looking to customize your car with new wheels or a supercharged engine, think twice. Any modifications made to a car after the insurance contract has started can result in claims not being paid or a higher premium requirement.

Drive Safe

Car insurance companies love safe drivers. If anything is sure to lower your car insurance rate, it is a spotless driving record. Accidents and traffic tickets are sure ways to increase your insurance premiums. So drive safe and save money.

Anything To Improve Safety Wins

Anything that can tangibly reduce the risk of an accident can be used as an argument to lower your car insurance. Some examples are tire pressure monitoring systems and blind spot vehicle detectors. The reality is that these devices make driving safer and insurance companies honor this by lowering rates. Compare auto insurance quotes online today.


There are many strategies to lower your car insurance premium. You can begin now with CARCHEX and compare rates between top providers.

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