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What Is Usage Based Auto Insurance?

2021-12-02T21:29:00-05:00Auto Insurance, Research Center|

Usage based auto insurance isn’t really new; it’s just more sophisticated now. Insurance companies have always included different factors in calculating insurance rates. Let’s learn more about the different types of usage based auto insurance. Looking for a low car insurance rate? Get a free quote from CARCHEX and find out how much you can [...]

Can Your Dog Affect Your Car Insurance Rate?

2015-10-16T14:37:24-04:00Auto Insurance|

You’re cruising down the road with Fido next to you, his head out the window and his tongue joyfully flapping in the breeze. Sounds cute, right? But the reality is that this scenario could be a disaster waiting to happen. Cruising around with your pet might even affect your car insurance rate. Let’s find out [...]

Self-Driving Cars Mean Cheap Car Insurance

2015-05-19T09:58:40-04:00Auto Insurance|

If you don’t already know, self-driving cars have been cruising the California roads for over six years now. In fact, the Wall Street Journal reported that Google’s self-driving car fleet is due to expand its reach to public roads. But will self-driving cars eventually lead to ultra-cheap car insurance? Or maybe no car insurance at [...]

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