Car insurance might be mandatory, but that doesn’t mean you have to pay too much. The traditional ways on how to cut car insurance costs still work, but there are newer high tech solutions available too. Let’s take a look.

GPS Related Technology

With the widespread use of GPS technology, car insurances can use this tool to verify safe driving habits. You can either have a system attached to your car, or even easier, download an app to your smartphone. The system gathers information such as:

  • Average driving speed
  • Time usually spent on the road (after 11 p.m. more accidents happen)
  • Area where you drive
  • How much you drive

All the information can be downloaded to your insurance company as justification for lower premiums. Sometimes this is offered in the form of a rebate. This system is also a great way to monitor teen driving habits.

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Tire Pressure Check

This neat device constantly monitors your tire pressure. As soon as the pressure falls to a dangerous level an on-board alert goes off. This not only can save you on insurance, but it can save your from a tire blow out accident.

Back Up Bumper Cams

These cameras are a snap to install. They can either detect objects when you are backing up, or you can have a dashboard monitor installed so you can “see” behind you. Less backup crash risk means lower insurance rates.

Blind Spot Detector

Really every car should be outfitted with a pair of these. These motion sensors alert you when someone pulls into your blind spot. A large number of accidents are caused by people not looking carefully when they change lanes. If you are less likely to crash, then your insurance will lower your premium.

Emergency Response Technology

If you are in a severe accident, these systems can alert a response center automatically. Other systems cut the fuel and unlock the doors upon detecting airbag deployment. More advanced systems have built in handsfree verbal communication that switches on in the event of a crash. All the while your vehicle can be located by GPS tracking.

Not-So-High-Tech Still Pays Off

It pays to mention some other proven methods for cutting your insurance rates, such as:

  • Carrying a safe driving record (this is still by far the #1 way to keep premiums low)
  • Select a higher deductible (what you pay out of pocket for damages before the insurance begins to pay)
  • Driving courses for young drivers
  • Anti-theft devices
  • Taking a defensive driving course

Some insurance companies even reward good grades in school with lower premiums.

The Best Advice

Perhaps the best way to lower your car insurance costs is to shop around. Or you can take advantage of services like CARCHEX that do the work for you. Our service connects with various reliable insurance providers to find you the best rates.

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